What is the Most Common Problem with Water Heaters?

The cost of water heating forms a crucial part of your household budget. This cost can go even higher up if you are stuck with a faulty hot water tank in your home. One of the common concerns that people have with hot water Sydney is that they are not sure when the hot water tanks need a replacement. Truth be told, there is no particular time limit, after which you should change the hot water tank. However, several signs can tell you that the water tank is on its last days, and some of those problems are mentioned below.

Water fails to be as hot as earlier

This thing happens when the insides of the tank have corroded. It leads to a deterioration of the dip tube, overloading of the gas valve, or the coating of the electric elements. When there is a shortage of hot water, it is a clear sign that your tank has lived out its days, and you need a new water heater.

A leaking heater, but the leak is not visible

If your water heater is more than ten years old and you cannot find the leak, it is probably coming from a welded joint, a side-wall seam, and a rusted thread. These are not the things you can repair, and thus, you have no other option than to replace the tank.

The gas pilot fails to stay lit

In this case, the problem mostly lies with the gas valve or thermocouple of your water heater. The top of a thermocouple that has been installed properly must stay at the most half-inch inside the pilot flame. This factor offers enough energy to power the electromagnet that keeps the pilot valve open.

When the thermocouple is not fitted properly or damaged, the valve will not get enough power to remain open. If the problem lies with the electromagnet, then changing the thermocouple will not work. You need a new gas valve in this case, and that is just not worth the money if the tank is outside the warranty.

Inability to release water through the drain valve

The hot water tank needs to be drained at least once a year to remove the sediments. If you fail to do this, it will not be long before one layer of sediment builds up to multiple layers. This factor will deteriorate the bottom of the Water heaters and not let the flame reach the water.

Do You Want to Save On Utility Bills?

Yes, a water heater upgrade with assistance from an experienced plumbing service is sure to cut utility bills. This is sure to cover the cost of installing the water heater over time. The upgrade would also help if there are leakage issues in the bathroom, and it has been ages since you have renovated the bathroom space. To enjoy taking hot showers in the coming winter, install the water heater now with the assistance of Plumbers Sydney.

It is important to carry out the right maintenance of your water heaters to make sure that they last you for the longest time. Carry out inspections and repairs by professionals, and the device will serve you for a long time.