How You Are Risking Your Health By Not Buying a Quality Mattress For Your Bedroom

One thing that always amazes me about when people buy themselves a new mattress, is how much people will focus on things like size and cost, over more important aspects such as comfort and health benefits. Everyone will look out for something which is comfortable of course, but not in terms of the mattress being supportive. The fact however that few people look at a mattress as having health benefits, is somewhat worrying. Buying a memory foam mattress for example can do the world of good in terms of your health, and so too can many other mattresses on the market. If you don’t invest in a mattress which can aid your health, here are some of the risks which you will be running.

Muscular Pain

A mattress which is not right for your body shape or body size, can result in you waking up each day with aches and pains in your muscles. The reason for this is that sleeping on an unsupportive mattress will allow your body to move in any way that it wants, which could see your muscles resting, unsupported in strange positions. You may not feel this though the night, but when you wake up in the morning you will certainly feel it.

Back Problems

Back problems are one of the most common medical complaints, and you can reduce the risk of this happening to you with a great mattress. Not buying a mattress which supports your spine and  the muscles in your back, will not allow this region of your body to rest in a neutral way, thus contorting the spine and moving both the discs in the back, and the muscles. A high quality mattress both reduces and prevents back pain, and not investing in one can cause you all manner of back problems.

Blood Pressure

When you lay on a bed, gravity will be pushing you down to the floor, whilst the bed supports you by pushing you up. The result of this on the body can have terrible consequences with regards to the blood circulation and the blood pressure in the body. Higher quality mattresses such as memory foam, work to reduce this risk by alleviating pressure points in the body, and actually encouraging better blood flow and lower pressure.

Sleep Quality

When you sleep on a  mattress which is not fit for purpose, you will greatly lower the chances of you having high quality sleep. The result of poor sleep is that you will have far lower levels of productivity throughout the day, you will become easily distracted and frustrated, and your organization and concentration will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, a lack of sleep can greatly affect any weight loss which you may be looking for, and it has even been linked to neurological diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia, in those who have slept poorly for long periods of time.

Cost and size are important aspects to consider when buying a mattress, but so too is comfort and health benefits, be sure that you include them all in your thinking.