Keeping romance alive with a special night away

Everybody knows that it’s important for married couples to continue to make time for each other. The trouble is that there are so many things that can get in the way, because we all have domestic chores to do, and parental obligations to meet. Before you know it a week has gone by, or even many weeks, and you haven’t had a moment alone together.

It’s all too easy to just let things slide, but there’s only one way to change that situation. You have to make a conscious decision to change it, plan out what you intend to do and then put that plan into action.

“Let’s run away together!”

There’s no better way to rediscover each other than by going away together on a trip, just the two of you. Think of it as a mini-vacation – the kind of vacation you used to have before you became parents.

However, you might find that arranging a whole weekend away may just prove too difficult – it means putting your regular life on hold for too long a time, there’s too much to organize, and it might just be too expensive.

Don’t let all that put you off, though – just make it a break for one special night instead of two. Is it really worth going through all the trouble a trip will entail just for one night? Yes, it absolutely is – and you’ll be amazed how much difference even one night alone with each other can make. It’s not just a mini-vacation, it’s a mini-honeymoon!

“We can’t! We’re poor!”

Even if your budget is limited, a trip like this is still definitely possible. Staying at a cozy, old-fashioned inn needn’t cost the earth – and if you prefer modern to old-fashioned, try Airbnb, who have all kinds of rooms to rent cheaply.

You shouldn’t rule out hotels, either. Many big hotels are desperate to find guests to fill their rooms when it’s off-season – and hotels that are kept busy with corporate business during the working week are often deserted at weekends.

There are also bargain deals to be found on the internet – or else you could just approach the hotel of your choice directly. It’s worth noting that room rates for a Friday night are often way cheaper than those for a Saturday or Sunday night.

Some big hotels will also offer a special deal on dinner for two in their restaurant – or else you could load up with wine and delicious deli snacks to enjoy in the privacy of your own room (hotels tend to frown on that, so you might have to smuggle them in). Hotels also often have swimming pools and saunas, a good way to relax and unwind before dinner.

You could even make a night away together your anniversary present to each other – or else a Christmas gift to each other that you could redeem in January or February. Nothing takes the gloom off a grey winter’s day better than being alone with your loved one in front of a roaring fire.

“We can’t! We have kids!”

Of course, you have to find somewhere safe for your kids to stay while you’re away overnight. If either of your parents lives within easy reach, they’d probably be delighted to have a visit from their grandchildren. You could even book yourselves into a hotel that’s nearer to them, which would make picking the kids up easier the next day.

Or else – if your parents aren’t around, or are getting a little too old to cope with all the noise and chaos involved, then perhaps one of your siblings is available and would like to have their niece or nephew over to stay. After all, it’s only for one night.

If none of your family are able to help out, you could pack your offspring off to one of their friends for a sleepover instead – of course, you’ll have to return the favor one day, but on those terms, most people are happy to help out if they can.

“We can’t! We have pets!”

Pets are a little harder to arrange for than kids (though perhaps your family can still help out). There are always boarding kennels, but apart from the question of fees they may not be keen to have an animal for just one night – and they often get booked up for months in advance anyway.

Your best bet would probably be to find a friendly, pet-loving neighbor who wouldn’t mind dropping by to walk and feed them for you, and even if you find someone to regularly check on your pets, still check out automatic pet doors for sale. If your garden is safe for your dog to roam on his own, this could allow your pooch to get fresh air without having to wait for their dog sitter to arrive.

“We can’t! We simply can’t get away!”  

Of course, it isn’t absolutely necessary to go somewhere else to enjoy some ‘we’ time, and – even though a change of scenery can work wonders – with a little organization you can reclaim the comfort of your own home. All you really need is to be undisturbed by the kids – so sending them off on a sleepover is probably the best way of making sure you’re left in peace and have the house to yourself.

Once your kids are sorted and safe, make sure you utilize the free time you’ve created. Put phones aside (tell anyone to phone the home phone if it’s an emergency), cook a meal and share some wine. Enjoy one another’s company, and remember how fun it used to be, before life got hectic.

Look to Repeat

Once you’ve done it, you’ll realize how easy spending time with one another can be; therefore, look at the calendar and mark off a date for next time. If it’s possible, make it a fortnightly occurrence, however, if that isn’t possible, a monthly date night could suffice. Every couple needs alone time. Make sure to reclaim your relationship.