Life in Toronto: At home hobbies you should make a habit

Hobbies are seen by many as being some sort of pastime but that is not always the case. 

Hobbies are more than a waste of time. In fact, they are necessary for a fulfilled life and offer many benefits you might not be aware of.  

By having a hobby, you can cope much better with stress and overcome overwhelming feelings. 

The logic behind this is understandable. What better way to unwind after a long day than getting down and dirty with something you truly love?

Below are some awesome hobbies you should consider making a habit of.


Among all the hobbies out there, cooking is one of the most productive. All of us should try our hands at it.

Cooking forces you to focus wholly on the task in hand, forcing you to stay in the moment. Likewise, you are forced to prepare in advance.

In addition, you’ll be even more productive than you thought with practice preparing food in advance for the next day.

Learn more about why cooking healthy foods is so beneficial in this article here. 

Learn to play an instrument

Ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar? 

The timing couldn’t be better. Studies show that playing an instrument has a substantial effect on brain function. 

There has been a link between musicians and higher academic achievement, improved memory, and superior abstract reasoning.

Those aren’t the only benefits. Being more creative and patient, as well as having more confidence, can all be a result of honing your musical skills. 

So pick up an acoustic 6 string. Choosing music as one of your productive hobbies won’t disappoint you. Learn more about music as a hobby here. 


Meditating is a powerful recharging tool. It enhances memory and concentration. Simply spending 5 minutes meditating each day will leave you feeling energized throughout your day.

Also, meditation relieves stress by calming your thoughts and emotions. You learn to be present, still and it provides you with some time to truly connect with your body. 


Many people around the globe enjoy reading as a hobby. Reading has a number of advantages.

Aside from being incredibly productive, it can easily be done in spare moments in between doing other things and your downtime.

Studying productivity research and studies can help you learn new habits, behaviors, and patterns that will make you more efficient with your time.

Start a side hustle

Are you unable to stop working? Consider building another source of revenue in your spare time. Maybe you’d like to be the best SEO Company Toronto has ever known. All I’m saying is, It’s all about diversification okay. 

Starting a side hustle can have many benefits, the most obvious of which is the potential for financial gain. 

You might end up making more money than you do at your day job with your side gig!

In addition to improving critical thinking skills, being a business owner can increase confidence.