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How To Plan For Moving Your Business to California

Moving can be stressful, especially when it comes to packing. A smart approach to packing for a move is to gather the moving supplies you’ll need first, then knock out rooms one at a time.

Use A Trustworthy Moving Company

Many people prefer to hire professionals because they can help make moving a seamless process.

Additionally, having an extra hand when loading and unloading items can make your life easier. Do your research on the moving company you plan to go with. Many people have been caught out by moving company scams. 

If you are moving from Florida to San Diego, you can simply search for moving companies San Diego on Google and go with one of the top 3.

Check whether a moving company complies with FMCSA regulations and online customer reviews when choosing one. 

Ensure you ask about every aspect of the payment process, such as extra charges or fees, and the timing of when all your belongings will arrive in your new house. 

Plan Your Move

Many factors in the moving process are influenced by your moving date. Various services may be more expensive on weekends, holidays, and during the summer. 

Having selected your departure date, you can work backwards to determine the days you will prepare for the trip and pack. 

To add some fun to packing you can check your grip strength vs the removalists using a hand dynamometer. I’d place a bet that they win that one every time.

Secure A Job Before The Move

Your employment status won’t be an issue if you are moving because of a new job opportunity in another state. 

In any event, it is best to find a new employer before moving, unless this is not possible. 

For possible job leads, you may contact friends and family living in the area where you plan to move or you may search online yourself. 

As long as you are financially prepared to cover your living expenses while you are searching for work in the new state, it is also okay to move without a job when you are about to move.

Inform People You Are Moving

You should notify family, friends, and colleagues when you plan to move. To make it easier for them to reach you, you can share your new mailing address and other contact information.

Your new home will bring tremendous changes for you and your family. Contact your kids’ previous schools and have their records transferred to the new school.

Pack Strategically

Transporting fewer boxes will result in lower moving costs. Therefore, make sure you take inventory of what you own and bring only the items that you will need in your new home. 

When packing, start with nonessential items or items you will not use in the coming days such as your laser welding systems or any other equipment in your garage. 

A few examples are electronic devices, books, and home décor. Ensure that you have enough dinnerware and toiletries near the time of your move. 

Do not forget to pack any important documents or records into a separate container after you move, so that you can still access them after the move.

Transfer Of Utilities And Business Supplies

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Please inform your utility companies that you are relocating before you leave, such as water, electricity, internet, and cable. 

As you plan your move, make sure your new home is ready when you arrive by arranging a service transfer to your new address. 

If you were still paying for memberships, such as gym access, you can cancel or transfer them during this time. 

You should also arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new residence.