London Travel Tips For Single Men

If you are a solo male traveler then London is a city which you will absolutely love. This is a city which offers a huge range of options in terms of seeing sights and attractions, and the city is filled with fellow singletons looking to have a great time, some with a London escort. But no matter if you have a single day or a couple of weeks in London, as a single male traveler you are sure to have an excellent time and here are some tips on getting the most out of your experience.


With over 8 million people who call London their home you can only imagine how many of those are single women. The dating scene in London is very much alive and dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble see heavy use across the city. Meeting up for dates is not just about hook-ups or meeting new people, it is also a great way of seeing a different side to the city.

Enjoying Some Company

To guarantee yourself a good time instead of running the potential gauntlet with dating apps, why not look to use an escorts company like Cleopatra and spend some time with a beautiful woman? Cleopatra escorts has a wide range of women on its books who will come to your hotel, give you some company, a sensual massage, and even a little extra should you so desire. Alternatively you can pay for an escort to go out for some food with, giving you the chance to meet interesting women who are as charming as they are beautiful.


London has some of the best nightclubs in Europe and this makes for a great option to go out and live it up, meeting interesting people as you do so. Clubs such as Carwash, Fabric and Ministry of Sound are world-famous and they attract some of the most fun and beautiful people from the city, the perfect place for a single man on his travels.

Meet Ups

There are many websites such as where you can get involved with something new and meet cool people along the way. In some locations around the world the number of meet ups can be a little sparse but here in London you won’t have such problems. You may find someone running a sporting event, a tasting session for beers and wines, a morning jog or even meet ups for lovers of travel, language, coding and just about everything else that you can think of. You can also use these sites to arrange your own meet ups, giving you the chance to meet lots of new people who like the same things that you do.

London is a beautiful city and as a solo male traveler you may enjoy nothing more than wandering the streets, discovering new things, meeting new people and watching the city as it goes about its day. Not all cities are great places for a solo traveler but London is one which cannot be put into that bracket and you will have a great time here.