Marketing Tips for Mompreneurs

There are more mompreneurs now, than ever before: women who want to work, but who struggle to find flexibility working for other people. So, they set up on their own. These are incredible women who manage to juggle running their own business with raising a family. At the start of any business, money can be tight. You may not want to, or be able to, spend large amounts on marketing firms to help get your business seen. Fortunately, there are some great marketing strategies you can implement yourself. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Branding is incredibly important to any business, but this is especially true of small start-ups. You want to create an instantly recognizable brand, and to be seen as unique and professional. As a mompreneur, you’ll probably also want to incorporate your personality and style. Think about your brand, the logos you like, colors that you think work well together. Simple logos are exceptionally popular at the moment. Use a tool like Canva to play around with some ideas and color schemes. Once you’ve have something you love, start using it everywhere. Headers, business cards, avatars, cover pictures, email signatures. Anywhere you can think of. Start getting seen as a business.

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to get your business noticed. Use it to advertise and promote, but also to engage with potential customers. Engagement is incredibly important. Let people get to know the human side of your business. Then they’ll want to help. They won’t just use your services or buy your products; they will share your posts, helping to widen your audience. There are an increasing number of social media platforms available, so don’t feel you need to be on them all. The main ones to get involved in are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, which are all very good for building a following. Beyond that, use any social networks you enjoy; and any that your target audience uses.


Blogging is another fantastic way to drive traffic to your business. If you are running an E-commerce store, or you are primarily an online service, you could just add a blog section to your website. If you’re business is a brick and mortar store, it’s a great idea to still start a blog to help build an online presence. The best ways to grow a blog are filling it with informative and entertaining content, and updating it often. Again, engagement is important, so get to know your regular readers, as this will help make sure they keep coming back.

A great way to grow your blog, and reach a wider audience, is guest posting. Write posts for other people’s blogs, including a link back to your own. Bloggers influence can be huge, so aim to work with the most well read, and respected blogs to get the best results.

If you are interested in learning more about how to market a small business, consider an MBA degree from Washington State University. An online MBA degree would help you learn everything you need to know about running your business, and marketing yourself, without having to take time away from it.

Marketing need not be stressful. It can be wonderfully good fun, so give it a go today!