Natural Anti Estrogen Treatments that Will Return Balance in Your Body

The glands found in each person’s body play a role in maintaining the body’s natural balance in terms of anatomy and reproductive capacity. Your body has a whole spectrum of glands with internal secretions that discharge their secretions directly into the bloodstream. Through the blood, the substances from these secretions, hormones, reach the organs in the body, regulating their activity.

Each hormone has its own effect on your health. In general, the hormone’s task is to regulate the body’s internal functions, such as growth, nutrition, creation of nutrient deposits and their utilization, as well as reproduction processes.

If the glands produce too much or not enough hormones, it can lead to disorders in the body and the creation of various diseases. This applies to all hormones in your body. You should go here to check one way of dealing with the excess of estrogen.

Excess of Estrogen and What about It

Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone created in the ovaries, and when needed, the adrenal gland. Your body regulates its amount if you are in good health. But many things can lead to the disruption of this balance. These are usual things making us feel bad and ill, like stress, aging, chemicals, poor nutrition, many different medications, etc.

Signs of increased levels of this hormone can occur equally in both sexes, and this condition can trigger many illnesses. Also, this hormone imbalance can have consequences for the reproductive health of men and women. To avoid any severe effects (like infertility), they should start the treatment as soon as possible.

In addition to conventional medications, there are also quite natural ways to regulate estrogen levels. You’ll achieve the best results by a combination of traditional and alternative medicine, but with strict medical supervision.

Start Changes Now

Increased estrogen is not a condition that you can treat on your own, but only after you visit an expert. This condition can lead to some severe and life-threatening conditions. The excess of this female sex hormone is the culprit for the onset of the disease that is one of the archenemies of modern medicine – cancer.

Natural healing methods involve changing your lifestyle, but also modifying some habits that might affect you, but you didn’t have a clue about that. For example, you probably weren’t even aware of how plastic containers and heating food in them could affect your health. Plastics contain xenoestrogens, which interfere with the proper functioning of the entire endocrine system.

Cosmetics you use every day can make estrogen levels gone wild. These products also contain xenoestrogens, but many other potentially risky components. All of them can interfere with the estrogen level in your body. Try to use natural cosmetics, with no chemicals.

Natural Elimination of Excessive Estrogen

Your body self-regulates the levels of estrogen. One part of the excess of this hormone is ejected through the urine and stool. However, it is not easy to get rid of this excess if you have chronic constipation. The most common causes of this condition are dehydration, malnutrition, and physical inactivity. Radical changes are therefore needed to allow the body to reduce the level of female sex hormones naturally.

The intake of water and unsweetened liquids should be at least two liters per day. Enrich your diet with fibrous and magnesium-rich foods (leafy vegetables, chestnuts, beans), and introduce supplementation if necessary. Use natural probiotics to help regulate the frequency and consistency of stools.

Try to reduce or eliminate alcohol intake as it interferes with liver function. And this organ is the most significant filter in your organism, and it also helps your body regulate estrogen levels. Every few days, apply some method of detoxification to release the accumulated toxins (and hormone excess) from the organism.

Find out more about natural detox methods as one way to lower levels of female sex hormone on the following source:

Eat Anti Estrogen Foods

The effect of elevated estrogen is generally noticeable when you’re struggling to lose some weight, but that doesn’t happen, even with the most restrictive diet and physically-demanding training. That belly fat just doesn’t want to go away. Most people late find that the problem is the excess of this hormone – it attracts fat and builds them up in the waist and hips.

Nature offers you a solution to this problem, in the form of healthy foods that act as estrogen antagonists, i.e., lower this hormone level and prevent it from harming the body. Although there is a natural solution to this problem, it is necessary to see a doctor before starting treatment on your own.

A change in your diet is not just about the type of foods you eat; it is also about your intake. Give more space to raw meals in your menu (avoid heat treatment, especially frying), and eat simple foods that people have always eaten – fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts, seeds.

Increase intake of crucifiers, beans, raw seeds, and whole grains. After a few days, you can start eating wild-caught fish, aged cheese, low-fat dairies, but also meat and eggs. Just make sure these are organic, as chemicals used for treating food contains harmful xenoestrogens.

Even though you didn’t develop any severe health condition due to increased female sex hormone level (you just can’t lose weight), you should consult your doctor. The regular check-up is advisable before starting any diet, as you need expert advice and guidance on what foods to bring.