Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews – What Is Preventing You From Falling Asleep?

The benefits of a great night’s sleep can never be underestimated, this is the time when your mind and your body have a chance to recover from the exertions of the day, and rest ahead of the next day. Good quality sleep has been linked to lower stress, higher performance as well as having many health benefits to boot.

I regularly read forums and review sites to find out how people sleep and a recent read of the Nectar sleep mattress reviews highlighted a common problem which many face when it comes to sleeping, actually falling asleep in the first place. Insomnia hits many of us and if you would like to overcome it, here are some great ways to nod off.


Exercise before sleep is obviously not something that you should do as it will wake up your body and your brain, instead you should try to make sure that you are exercising each day. Regular exercise will tire the body and leave it craving sleep so that it can fully recover.

Brain Awake

When you lay there, trying to close your eyes and force sleep when you can’t, this is because your brain is too awake and active. The reasons for this are often simple and you must work to ensure that for at least one hour before bed, that you give your brain no stimulation at all. The only thing which you should be looking to do when you get ready for bed is to relax. Too much light, bright screens, heavy conversations, absorption of detailed or intense information, these are all things that can wake the brain up and prevent you from falling asleep.


You really should make every effort to ensure that your room is as quiet as possible. If there are some sounds which you cannot remove, such as from a nearby road, you ought to try and learn to sleep to some soothing sounds or music which will both drown out the outside noise, and put you in a more relaxing mood before you sleep.


One of the biggest reasons that people cannot get to sleep well on a nighttime is because they are trying to do so at different times each day. When you do this, your body can never get into a pattern and so it has no idea at what time it should start to shut itself down. This means that your body and brain could be wide awake when you want to doze off, and you will do nothing else but state at the ceiling for a few hours until your body is ready to go.

The key is to try and get out of your head when you are trying sleep, as hard as it may seem, you need to push thoughts to one side and focus on comfort, relaxation and ultimately, sleep. Have you ever suffered from insomnia? How did you get over it? We’d love to hear from you.