Obstacles Signify Whether Something Is Worth Fighting For: 5 Toughest Challenges You May Face When Expecting a Baby

Regardless of the struggles that she goes through, every woman will tell you that having her child was the best experience of her life. The same woman will also tell you that there were some challenges to face when expecting a baby, especially when it was time for delivery. Here are 5 of the toughest challenges you face when expecting a baby.

Water Breaking

There are plenty of misconceptions about water breaking that you will need to understand better. Here are the most common misconceptions:

  • Unlike every movie with a pregnancy, your water might not break all at once and splatter all over the floor. It is apt to be more like a slow, uncontrollable urination.
  • Your water might not break. Your doctor might have to break the amniotic sac at the time of delivery.
  • Just because your water breaks does not mean that you have to immediately rush to the hospital for instant delivery; another Hollywood misconception.


Many women describe delivery like pushing a watermelon through something the size of a lemon. For some delivery is extremely challenging, but most agree that contractions are the very worst of the pain. It might be an exaggeration to say that contractions are like menstrual cramps times one hundred, but it gives you a pretty good picture of what to expect.

Contractions are an important part of your body’s final preparations for delivery. The timing of contractions will help you know whether or not you are in false labor or what stage of true labor you are in. To understand more explore these tips on how to time contractions.

Nausea During Labor

It is quite common for women to experience nausea and even vomit during labor. The myriad of hormonal changes that your body is going through during the labor and delivery process is the cause of this and it is something for which you should be prepared. Being able to recover from it and focus on breathing and other instructions is important, so try not to allow this to distract you.


The cutting of the perineum or episiotomy is a common practice that many doctors use to help provide more space for delivery. Some women do not feel it due to adrenaline or a powerful epidural, but they will probably be very aware of the stitching and itching that will follow, mostly because that part occurs after delivery when you want everyone to leave you alone and let you be with your new baby.

Delivering the Placenta

Another challenge you face after delivery is delivering the placenta. This is not nearly as challenging as delivering your baby, but it is another task that needs to be performed after you think it’s all over. Some women have absolutely no problem pushing it right out, but it can be a challenge for others.


There are plenty of challenges to go through during pregnancy and some of the toughest come around delivery time. As difficult as these challenges are, going through them is what allows you to bring a new life into the world. Do not be worried about these challenges, but be prepared to face them with the expectation of holding your new baby in your arms.