Best Ways to Sell Your Old Car and Get a Great Price

Buying a new car is much easier and stings your wallet considerably less if you can hand in your old one for a fair amount of cash, and if your ride is in good shape, you might think that this is a piece of cake. However, selling a car is easier said than done, and there are multiple factors which can influence how successful you are at selling your old set of wheels.

Today, we want to make the whole process a bit easier, by talking about some key points that you need to always keep in mind if you want to get the most out of your trusty old ride.

How Much Is It Worth?

Good question, right? How can you sell something if you don’t even have the slightest idea how much it’s worth? If you’re a car enthusiast, you might already have a pretty good idea about how much your trusty vehicle can get you – but if you’re an average joe that doesn’t care for cars that much, you might have a harder time.

Fortunately, these days it’s easy to get your car evaluated online. There’s a number of fantastic services that do this, such as RAC Cars, Regit, and even Motorway. Use these websites to look up models similar to your own, and use that as a basis for setting a fair price.

Sell It Yourself

Selling your car yourself can be considered “doing it the hard way” – but if you know what you’re doing, this way definitely has the biggest pay off. Using a website such as AutoVolo can make this considerably easier. Simply go to, enter your car registration and easily create an online ad that people can see and respond to. This might take some extra time before you can find a deal that you’re satisfied with, but the extra wait is often worth it.

Sell to a Dealer

This method gets a bad rep, for one simple reason: if you sell your car to a dealer, you generally won’t get as good of a price as if you manage to sell the car yourself. However, this will absolutely minimize the hassle that you have to go through, especially if you end up buying a new car from the same dealer.

It is worth mentioning, however, that you need to be careful of dishonest dealers that will try to offer you the lowest possible price for your set of wheels. Always be aware of how much your car is worth, and how much you’re willing to negotiate on the price.

Exchange It For Parts

If all else fails, or if you’ve been sporting a car for some time and really can’t find anyone that’ll settle for it (happens a lot with older models, unfortunately), it’s not that bad of an idea to sell it for parts if you have no other option. You won’t get as much money, and if you’re selling it to a dealer they’ll probably also deduct the extra costs of actually taking the car apart and preparing it for sale. But it’s definitely an easy way to get rid of a car that you no longer need, so it’s something to be considered.


As you can see, it’s really not that difficult to trade in your car for a new one once you’ve got some ideas about what your options are. Your trusty ride has served you for years, but if it’s time to trade it in for something bigger and better, then it’s time. So whether you decide to sell it for cash, trade it in for a newer model or even sell it for parts, I’m sure that these few tips will help you get a good price on your car that you will be satisfied with. Good luck!