Occasions When It Is Appropriate To Gift Jewellery

There isn’t a woman alive that dislikes jewellery and when you enter into a relationship, the first thing you want to do is present her with a stunning personalised necklace. However, there are obvious implications when you gift jewellery and the relationship might not have reached this stage. The first date is most definitely not the time to present her with a gift of any kind; she might think she’s getting an award for showing up!


If it is coming up to your first anniversary since that blind date, why not surprise her with a charm bracelet? Then you can add charms every year after that. Something small would be appropriate for a 1st anniversary. A custom jeweller can create something unique that she will cherish forever.


If you are planning to get married, it is traditional to acquire jewellery for the bridesmaids; the online sterling silver jewellery retailer would have suitable pieces to enhance their outfit. Matching earrings would be perfect and with a secure online payment, they will be despatched to your home address. This is something to arrange in advance and with all the bridesmaids wearing matching jewellery, you have achieved a balanced look.

Best Friend

Of course, a friend who has been through thick and thin with you can always be presented with jewellery as a gift and there’s no better way to show your appreciation than a stylish piece of jewellery. It might be her birthday or a graduation celebration, or simply because you value her friendship. It’s carte blanche with best friends, anything goes! If you had a big argument with your long-time friend and you want to make it up, send her some jewellery and you’ll be back together in no time.

Member Of Family

Your mom would love a necklace on her birthday or Mother’s Day, while it is fine for you to gift her jewellery on her wedding anniversary. Grandma would love a pearl necklace to wear on special occasions and there are many online jewellery stores with affordable jewellery. If you almost forgot your younger sister’s birthday, there’s still time to order a necklace or bracelet and with express same-day delivery, she will be pleasantly surprised.

Social Media Announcement

Now this would be the perfect time to present her with one of the handmade ruby rings from Ringleaders or from any other jeweller. A Facebook post will let the world know that you are a couple and that is one form of commitment and that could be the time to pop the question. It is the trend to customise an engagement ring, whether diamond, emerald, sapphire or ruby and a Google search will help you find a good bespoke jeweller.

As you can see, there are lots of occasions when you can gift jewellery, whether for Mother’s Day or a very special engagement. Jewellery is a great gift that is always warmly received. Special occasions demand bespoke jewellery and talking to a leading custom jeweller would be a good start.