Prepare for the Heat


Whether you believe in global warming or not, the planet’s climates are changing; and with on average 2,800 hours of annual sunshine, Brisbane and the Gold Coast get plenty of heat already to prepare for. That is why you need to maintain your cooling system regularly to keep it from breaking down on you in the midst of a heat wave as temperatures continue to rise.

Regular Inspections

It is easy to forget that your cooling system is working almost 24/7 in order to keep your home or business cool and comfortable for you. However it is a wise home or business owner who remembers that their cooling system needs some tender loving care regularly. One way to keep your system functioning efficiently and effectively is by having a certified cooling specialist inspect your system annually. Some other habits to develop when maintaining your air-conditioning system are:

  • Clean Filters Regularly
  • Avoid Clutter Near Vents and Registers
  • Keep Outdoor Compressors Protected and Free of Debris

Turn Up your Thermostat

That’s right turn up your thermostat. By turning up your thermostat by a degree or two when you are not home you reduce the amount of time that your air-conditioner is running lengthening the life of your system. There are many different programmable thermostats on the market that you can install in only a few minutes to keep your heating and cooling working with your schedule without you even having to think about it. Plus as a bonus, following this simple rule also lowers your monthly energy costs and global foot print.

Upgrade your Old Unit

If you have a home that is over ten years old and still has the original heating and cooling systems, you are due for an update. In the past ten years or more technology in the HVAC industry has improved immensely.

Some of the perks of a new unit:

  • Rebates – A lot of companies are offering rebates as incentives to replace your old HVAC system.
  • Government Assistance – All across Australia government branches are offering rebates and assistance programs in order to encourage home and business owners to replace obsolete HAVC equipment with up to date more energy efficient models.
  • Energy Cost Savings – Because a new air-conditioning unit works more effectively and efficiently than your current out of date model, you will see your monthly energy costs go down.
  • Environmental Concerns – You don’t have to be a tree hugger to want to take care of the earth. Something as simple as replacing your old cooling system with a more efficient product will lower your carbon footprint, and work towards protecting the environment as a whole.

Who to Turn To

Actron Air Brisbane has been providing a full range of products and services for over 30 years since this reliable family owned business was established in 1986. Whether you need repairs or an entirely new system they have the knowledgeable, experienced staff that will walk you through the process every step of the way.