Preparing Your Home for a New Dog

It is always an exciting prospect to welcome a new dog into the family. However, it also takes a lot of preparation and commitment in making sure that your home is safe and comfortable for your new pet. There are a few things to take into consideration in preparing your abode for a new four-legged resident, especially for first-time dog owners.

Pet-proof your surroundings. Dogs are just like little children – they are extremely active, curious, and energetic. They explore their surroundings with enthusiasm, sometimes to their detriment. That is why you need to keep them safe by preventing potential hazards and accidents.

Just as you would childproof a home, review your home’s layout and anticipate possible danger zones. These are places where your dog may get stuck or injured, such as doorways and cabinets. Keep fragile items out of reach and stow away poisonous materials and chemicals. If needed, cover electrical outlets and place bump guards on sharp corners.

Prepare your pet’s personal belongings. Welcome your new pet by establishing his own little place within the home. You can choose to give him a soft bed, pillow, or an indoor cage. Of course, don’t forget to get a dog collar and other stuff like their own food bowl, water feeder, toys, etc. A great idea is to personalize these items with their very own name. You’d be surprised just how your dog will take to these things well.

Depending on your dog’s breed and the kind of lifestyle you live, you might also need to get him other accessories like a dog stroller or carrier especially if you plan on going out often. If you are bringing in a puppy, you will need additional items particularly suited for rearing and training him.

Stock up on supplies. Part of your new dog’s personal belongings is a reliable supply of food, snacks, and other consumables such as medicine, vitamins, supplements, and the like. You wouldn’t want to run out of these items in the middle of an emergency. It’s best to stock up on at least a week’s worth of consumables.

To prepare your dog in case of calamities such as earthquakes, typhoons, flooding, and similar disasters, it would be wise to come up with an emergency grab bag that contains essential items and supplies. Include copies of important documents and identification papers, as well as your personal information so that you can be located in case he gets lost.

Keep clean and organized. Sanitized surroundings are beneficial not only for a house’s human occupants but for pets as well. If you are bringing home a dog for the first time, especially a puppy, you will need to step up the cleanliness of your environment. This helps prevent diseases and parasites from afflicting your dog.

Assign a place where all pet-related items can be located and kept, such as a dedicated cupboard in the kitchen or a large, covered bin. Regularly wash and sanitize pet items such as toys, beds, pillows, blankets, and the like. Make sure to housebreak your pet as soon as possible so that he also learns his part in keeping the home clean. If he does pee or poop indoors, clean it up well and immediately – don’t let such waste fester.

New dog, new life

For many, a new dog in the home really means a new lifestyle. It takes adjustment not only on the part of the animal, but mostly on your part as his human. Having a pet is not all fun and games, but also serious dedication to the welfare of your companion. By ensuring that your home is pet-friendly and ready, you will see that your relationship with your dog will deepen and develop into a truly satisfying and fulfilling one.