Pros and cons of owning a coffee machine

‘Don’t talk to me before I have had my morning coffee.’ Does this phrase sound familiar? It might if you are not a morning person and crave for a steamy coffee mug right after you open your eyes.

Coffee and its blissful aroma are the reasons why many people look and sound upbeat in the morning. It revs up our nerves and kicks away our sluggish and lazy mood. It is also that one thing that keeps us going through a tough and hectic day. When you are dead exhausted at the end of a workday, the one thing you crave for is a hot, steaming cup of Jasper Coffee.

Often the love for coffee drives people to the point that they wish to own a coffee machine. It is only fair to want to have at your disposable a machine that can be used to brew the right cup of coffee without a wait.

But are coffee makers worth the investment? A thorough analysis of the pros and cons of owning a coffee maker is required.

This article will help conclude whether owning a coffee maker is a smart choice or rather a decision based on wishful thinking.

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Pros of Owning a Coffee Machine

Get Instant Coffee Anytime: the most prominent benefit of owning a coffee machine at home is getting instant coffee, whenever you like, especially if you have a coffee subscription service from retailers like Once the craving hits, brewing yourself a fresh cup of coffee is all you want, and buying yourself a coffee maker will help you achieve it. Say yes to owning a coffee maker and no to stepping out of the house just to get yourself a nice, warm cup of coffee whenever you need it.

In the morning, when all you want is a cup of coffee to recharge your brain, a coffee maker will come in very handy. Just switch the coffee maker on and let the machine do its job while you dress up for work. You wouldn’t have to waste time stopping on the way to work to get yourself whatever coffee preference you have. Convenient, isn’t it?

Provides Convenient Coffee-Making:

We all try our best to minimize work during morning hours. Dragging yourself out of bed and dressing up is already a daunting task. Add in the extra chore of making yourself a cup of coffee, without a machine, and anybody would sulk.

Coffee makers make the task incredibly effortless. Just put in coffee grains, turn it on and your job is done. The coffee will brew itself while you get other tasks finished. You can even place your travel mug in the coffee maker, and all you have to do is pick it up while leaving for work — convenience at its finest.

Skip Spending Cash on the Coffee Shop:

Does your everyday coffee expense disrupt your monthly budget? Running to work and dropping by at your favorite coffee shop to get a cup of coffee may be costly in the long run. Why quit your coffee intake to manage your expenses when you have a better solution in a coffee maker.

Owning a coffee maker at home will help you brew a fresh cup of coffee every day without the added expense. Buying a coffee maker will be a one-time expense that will save you from any further spending. You only need to purchase coffee grains, and you are good to go.

One-cup serving from a coffee maker will also help reduce waste. It is better than making coffee in a pot that can go to waste.

Fresh Coffee Beans Means Fresh Taste:

Nothing compares to the taste of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Instant coffees are not a match. Also, there is a vast difference between coffee made with grounded grains in comparison to a cup of coffee made with fresh coffee beans, a coffee fanatic would know. Making coffee using coffee beans gives an amazing taste, which is very important for coffee lovers.

Mess-Free Coffee Making:

Using a coffee machine will help you make a cup of coffee without any mess. Cooking on a stove requires pots and pans, which may create a mess. However, using a coffee maker will avoid any chaos and will also make coffee in less time.

The last thing you would want to do on a lazy morning would be wasting time washing the coffee pot. However, the coffee maker and its parts are super easy to clean. You just need to detach and rinse them through water, and you are done. You will need to descale when red/green starts flashing which should be after around 3 months or 300 capsules – whichever comes sooner. 


Coffee makers come with switch-off timers. As soon as the coffee is made, they switch off on their own. You can let the coffee brew while you do other tasks. Coffee makers reduce the amount of work you would otherwise have to do to make a cup of coffee. They help save time and effort.

Some coffee machines also come with a time programming option. Using this option, you can set a specific time you need the cup of coffee to be ready at, and the coffee machine will do the assigned task according to the time set. So, let’s say you need a cup of coffee right after you wake up, around 9 o’clock in the morning. Once you program this in the machine, you will have a steamy cup of coffee ready and waiting for you in the kitchen.

Coffee Makers are Speedy: Making coffee is quick when you use a coffee maker except when you use a slow brewing coffee machine. Using grounded beans to make coffee in a pot takes time. While using a coffee maker does the job in a flash.

Makes Serving the Guests Easy: Coffee makers also come with jugs instead of one-serving cups. These come in handy when making coffee for a few people. If you are someone who often has to host several guests, using this coffee maker makes it extremely easy. One-cup coffee makers in such situations are almost a waste.

You can switch the coffee maker on, and while you entertain the guests, fresh coffee will be ready.

Cons of Owning a Coffee Maker:

Coffee Beans/Pods Commitment: Even though owning a coffee maker will massively reduce your costs in comparison to buying coffee every day from a coffee shop, it will still be expensive compared to using instant coffee or ground beans. Coffee machines that require coffee pods to be placed in may become a long-term commitment and an added cost.

Before investing in a coffee maker, you need to weigh the added costs and the investment as opposed to the benefits the machine would reap for you. A decision based on a well-thought comparison will make sure the coffee maker is beneficial in the long run.

Might Work with Only Specific Brand Pods: Buying one espresso machine may also mean committing yourself to a single brand of coffee. Since certain espresso machines exclusively use only their coffee pods for the machine.

This might also mean less variety of coffee. Therefore, before investing in a coffee maker, make sure you check on the availability and the type of coffee pods to be used in it.

Final Word

Buying a coffee maker is a hefty investment since a high-quality coffee machine isn’t that cheap. Therefore, for an avid coffee fan, buying a coffee machine for home is potentially a smart choice. But if you are someone who occasionally craves a freshly brewed coffee mug, then hitting the nearest coffee shop would be your safest bet. Weigh your choices, options, budget, and make a well-informed choice before buying a coffee maker.