Reviewing the SouthOrd PXS -14 Beginners Lock Pick Set

I‘ve always had something of a fascination with lock picking, I suppose it comes from all of those spun movies and novels which I consumed as a youngster. Owing to this I had always wanted my own lock pick set, for both practical and recreational reasons. I was very lucky then that a couple of months ago my very thoughtful girlfriend decided that I was responsible enough for a lock pick set and she bought me the SouthOrd PXS-14 Beginner lock pick set, I couldn’t wait to start learning.

I have really enjoyed this product so far which is I wanted to write a quick review about it for you guys.


The price point on these is $24.99 which is actually amazing given the quality of the materials which are used and the multiple options which the pack gives you. The 14 piece set comes with a handy and convenient leather pouch where you can store all of your picks, again this is really great quality material which they have used. I  read somewhere that as a rookie lock picker you need to have high quality equipment and that is exactly what I got with this pack, and it certainly helped me to get better quicker.


I felt that the number of picks were quite limited when I first opened up the packet but after a few months of trying all manner of different locks I can honestly say that there is enough of a range here to deal with any lock that you want to throw at it, the range and flexibility of the picks which are included is seriously impressive. The picks themselves are well cut, beautifully sanded and polished, and the finish on them makes it so easy to work with.

Range of Abilities

My uncle has been lock picking for a number of years and there isn’t much that he can’t unlock. I showed my uncle these and even he said that although it was a beginners kit, he would be happy to work with the picks and could definitely get some value from them. This is high praise from someone who has a far more extensive and wide range selection of picks, a further indication of the quality of these picks in particular. It is clear that these could be used for a beginner or perhaps even someone who is a little further on down the line.

General Feeling

I have found certain locks hard to pick since I got started with this new hobby, but none of that came about as a result of not having the right tools, but rather the lack of ability which I have. This is a well designed, high quality kit which has been the perfect companion to me as I have learned more and more about locks and how to pick them

All told I would recommend this product to anyone who has an interest in this hobby.