Water Pipe Leaking FAQs: Plumbing Checks and Repairs

Plumbing problems can be a common occurrence in many homes, leaks and blockages in particular. A leak or blockage are issues most homeowners can expect to experience at least once. Whether it’s a blockage which you could fix yourself if you learn how to unblock a drain, or minor leaks like faucet leaks or major ones like slab leaks that may require professionals like Emergency Plumber Milwaukee, it’s vital you address the leak as soon as you realize it’s there. Knowing a thing or two about leaks can be a great way to prepare yourself before it happens to you. Read on for some frequently asked questions to help get ready in case of a leak springs in your home.

How Do You Know You Have a Leak?

There are easy methods to locate leaks, especially if you’re trying to find them early and avoid water damage. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs.

  • Water Stains
    Leaks in the walls can often cause visible signs of water damage (e.g. warped and discoloured walls and mould growth). Keep an eye out for stains and discolouration in the floorboards and walls, even if there aren’t any other signs of moisture. The stains can be signs that water is already pooling and causing damage, even if you can’t see water yet.
  • High Water Bills
    Unexpectedly high water bills can point to a sudden leak. Water bills are generally consistent, so sudden spikes are usually an indicator of a problem. You can also compare your bills to your neighbours’; if there is a significant difference, it may help tell if there is a leak on your end.
  • Strange Noises
    Strange sounds are often a clue that something is up with the house. Pay close attention to any hissing or dripping sounds near your fixtures (e.g. the toilet or sink). The sounds could mean that water is flowing where it shouldn’t.

Where Should You Look?

The usual locations for leaks in a house are the kitchen and bathroom. Check under the sinks for signs of water; those are very likely spots in case of a leak. You can also splash water around the shower door to see if it leaks outside. Inspect the caulking around your fixtures as well; cracks in the caulking can indicate the leak is coming from that area.

Why Are Repairs Important?

In case of a leak, it’s always vital you contact a plumber for a waterproofing service in Toronto. Leaks can cause severe damage to surrounding areas, making it vital you solve the problem before it has time to do too much harm. Leaks also tend to get bigger with age; get them looked at immediately to minimize the damage to your home. Too much water in the house can also present a health hazard in the form of mould growth.

How Much Do Repairs Cost?

The cost of repairs can depend on different factors (e.g. commercial or residential address, location of the leak, and how long it takes to locate). However, most plumbing companies like Plumbing Authority Inc. offer free estimates to give you an idea of what services for your home might cost for you.

In any case, regular maintenance is generally a more cost-effective option than waiting. Think of it as a way to keep your system running smoothly before any problems emerge. Consider getting an estimate for your system to identify potential problems early and avoid damage to your home.