Selling to Used Car Dealerships


What’s the easiest way to sell your old car? Do you want to save money? Or time?

In some cases, it could be easier to sell your car to a used car dealer instead of selling it privately. This comes with its pros and cons though.

Selling to a dealership can save you a lot of valuable time, however, you may need to be prepared to settle for a lower price. It may be tricky for most to find time in the busy work week to schedule viewings for their car, making selling through a dealership a lot easier. Many used car dealerships offer to buy your car for reasonable prices, check on the company’s website to see if they do. For example, Blackburns UK are always looking to buy quality vehicles and can offer some of the highest prices in the industry. Most dealerships will have an easy online application to sell your car, saving you valuable time and effort. It couldn’t be any easier to get your hands on quick cash for your old car.

Before taking your car to a dealership, consider a few things. Think about the condition of your vehicle and the company you’re taking it to. If you have a battered old Citroen, there’s no point taking it to a new Lexus dealership. Ensure that your car is something the dealer may want in their forecourt. Try and find a dealership that stocks or specialises in your make of vehicle, this was they are more likely to give you a better price for it.

Selling privately will allow you to get more money for your car. Yes, it will take longer and require more effort on your behalf, but it could end up being worth it if you are thinking of upgrading your vehicle. Using a car selling platform means you can get the best price from your used car.

Don’t be put off the idea of part exchange. Some people find the idea a little tricky, as it seems like two deals going on at the same time and can get confusing. However, most dealerships will treat the two offers separately and make it easy for you to afford your new car. This could be a better idea than selling out right if you are planning on getting another car anyway.

Overall, selling to a car dealership can be a good idea for a busy working person. It saves you time and mostly doesn’t lose you too much money. Find a reliable and trusted dealer and you should get a fair deal.