Why massage courses are so popular

The health and wellbeing industry is booming at the moment as more people are seeing the benefits of taking care of their physical and emotional health. Massage is just one of the professions that’s gaining popularity both from people who are enjoying having a massage and for massage therapists too.

If you’re thinking of completing a massage course, chances are you’ll have a successful and fulfilling career. Thankfully, becoming qualified is now relatively easy with more affordable and accessible massage courses in Geelong and other regional areas as well as courses in Melbourne and other major cities.

If you’re considering embarking on a career in massage and wondering why courses are so popular, here are a list of the top benefits of working in the industry.

1. You’ll graduate with the training you need

A massage course gives you the training you need to gain employment at day spas, hospitals, private clinics, resorts or even out of your own home. That means you won’t be required to do additional certificates or experience to get into the industry and start earning an income.

2. You can be your own boss

As a massage therapist, you can enjoy the benefit of being your own boss. Working for yourself allows you to choose the days you work and your hours. You can even choose what services you will offer, how much you charge and who your ideal clients are. Being your own boss gives you the flexibility to take holidays when you would like and can be very beneficial for those with children at home.

3. Ability to work globally

A massage therapist qualification can see you travelling the world to all sorts of places. This could be in a relaxing day spa at a tropical island resort or a health retreat in a remote mountainous retreat. You could also gain experience in health facilities with physio therapists and chiros. There are a variety of pathways and environments you could take with a massage qualification.

4. Work in a relaxing environment

Imagine working in at a workplace that is designed to destress and relax the clientele. Not only do the clients benefit from this environment, the staff also do too. A workplace that promotes health and wellbeing will improve your own quality of life.

5. You’ll be helping others

One of the biggest advantages and draw cards of working as a massage therapist is that you’ll be helping people. Whether it’s to help them reduce their stress, relieve pain or enhance the recovery of an injury, massage therapists can make a huge impact on the wellbeing of their clients.

Massage therapy has been found to improve circulation, release tension, increase healing and achieve emotional balance. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder clients are excited to go a see their massage therapists unlike their dentist!

6. Positive job outlook

As a growing industry, massage therapists can enjoy a positive job outlook. With the variety of workplaces, there are a variety of options when qualified. If you choose to work for yourself, initially it may take time to build a consistent clientele. However, once your client base is established, most massage therapists enjoy a stable income.