Smart ways to invest for your future

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As we are all entering in a new year and 2019 is almost finish, we all are in high spirits and making resolutions for the upcoming 2020. How about we make a resolution this year to make our future secure for ourselves and for our families. The best way to secure our future in terms of financial aspect is to invest our saving very carefully. Not all of us have a lot to invest but whatever we have if invested correctly can convert that little amount in a good number that can later be used for another investment or can be used to make an asset like a house, car, gold or any equipment. A lot of question arises in one’s mind when the idea of investment pops up, like what is the correct way to invest, what is the correct amount to invest, should all money be invested in one place and what is the correct time to convert the investment into assets. Answers to the following questions can be researched and analyzed by an individual, but the best answers will come up with the time and experience.

The best way to start investing is to start at a very young age when you do not have a lot of responsibilities, and it is easier to save money and invest. It will not just give you a good and easy start to a secure future; it will also develop a habit of saving in you. Nevertheless, if not start from a younger age, it is never too late to start saving and investing.  Therefore, here are some smart ways to invest for your future:

Mutual Funds:

Mutual funds are one of the most classic and conventional ways of investment. It is a way in which our investment amount is a pool with some other investors and then used to buy some high profile stocks and bonds in a larger chunk than a smaller one. It is one of the easiest and safer ways to invest and start investing rather than starting with something else. This way, you only get to pay the fee of one trading commissioner, and that will be dividing into the no of people pooling the money.

Money Bonds:

One traditional way to save money and invest at the same time is to buy bonds for that money. Money bonds are a kind of currency. In some countries, when you buy those bonds, there is a lucky draw that happens. There is 3 position in that luck draw and a particular amount dedicated to each position. There is a particular number of bonds awarded 1st position and same Is the case with 2nd and 3rd position. So if you are lucky enough you will be saving the as well as getting the reward. While in other countries you get a percentage of the money invested on the bonds like if you have purchased a bond worth 5$, you will get  5% of 5$ every week.


Buying a property is the best way to invest. You get an asset in the process of investment and can get an amount every month to save even to utilize. You can start by an apartment or a shop depending on the amount you have, and then you can easily rent out that shop or apartment. The value of that property will also increase with time so buy a property as soon as you can and secure your future in the best way possible.


The best way to invest is to start a business of your own. As starting a new business and investing in it is very risky, but if your business plan is stable and turns out to be successful, it can do wonders for you. Rather than starting a new business and giving it full time, start a side business with your job. It will be a little less risk and will definitely give you the advantage to have a job if the business does not work out for you.

College funds:

If you are a family person and have children, their college money of your children is surely the priority of your life. The most important help you can give to your children is to save money for their college. This is not just the money for their education, and this is the money that will help them to achieve their goals and dreams. Imagine your child being the best lawyer, painter, or an artist of the decade with the best educational background to support his or her creativity. Therefore, no matter how old is your little one start saving up and investing for college money.

Saving Account:

If you are the kind of a person who does not like to take the risk, saving account is your friendly way to save and invest money. In a high-interest savings account, you out your savings and get a small percentage of the amount in your account every month. The percentage is not that big though, but you get to save your money for an emergency and still get a return on it every month.


Another way of securing your future is to invest your money in the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is one of the latest trends of today. According to research, around 8% of the American invested their money in the cryptocurrency this year. However, the downside of cryptocurrency is that it is still not legal in some Asian countries, so if you are living in Asia research before investing in the cryptocurrency.


For all the investment ways mentioned above, we all need some saving to start with. It does not matter how less you start saving, make a habit of saving for your future cause let’s be honest no one cares for you and your family more than you so if you want to spend a good life you yourself have to work for it. So start saving, investing and take charge of your life.