How to make life easy when traveling with kids

Vacations are supposedly a time for rest and mental time out. However, when you’re traveling with kids in tow, it can be anything but relaxing. Making life easier for yourself while traveling with kids is all about damage control and being as well-prepared as possible. Getting your ducks in a row before you leave will ensure that you can get on with spending quality time together without a hitch.

Pack snacks

‘Are we there yet’ isn’t always about the need to finally reach your destination. Sometimes kids get restless because they need a service station break for a drink and something to eat. Life is always much more bearable if you have a few snacks packed to share out when you’ve hit those long stretches of driving. Providing a mixture of practical snacks (carrot sticks, fruit and nuts) will keep wobbly blood sugar at bay, but it may also be beneficial to put the odd treat in there too.

Stick to road trips 

When your kids are extra small, they’re very unlikely to remember the full extent of their vacations when they were young. Taking them to expensive destinations overseas is sometimes best left until their later years. This is especially pertinent when you consider it’s easy to rent a car and drive around the US. Rental services such as E-Z Rental Cars are incredibly efficient if you want to get out and see the world, but with minimal costs and fuss.

Break up the academia

While we as adults need a bit of intrigue to keep us sane while on vacation, our little ones will struggle with too many reading-intensive activities. You will, therefore, be far better off to ensure your children have plenty of time to let loose and run around, whether that’s at the pool or at the park. While it’s true that you will only get one chance to visit some of these locations on your travels, it’s important to remember that you are enjoying a time of rest and relaxation.

Distraction tools

There are going to be some legs of the journey that your children will find tedious, or maybe even quite distressing. Air pressure in airplane cabins can feel overwhelming if you’ve never flown before, particularly if your children’s ears are prone to popping. You won’t be allowed to pack drinks before you clear security, so when you get to duty-free, buy a few bottles of water and maybe even some chewy candy to help keep their mind off the weird sensation of ascending through the clouds. Your tablets and phones won’t have any signal while you’re on a flight, and so some good old fashioned travel board games could be a good way of keeping everyone preoccupied. Better still, download the kids video at this channel.

It’s inevitable that, while traveling with kids, you are bound to run into some sticky situations. Spilled drinks, tired temper tantrums and leaving the hotel late should all be expected. Planning is the best way to mediate slips ups and keep everyone on their best form.