Smoke Hazard: Why it is Important to Ensure Air Quality to Prevent Secondhand Smoking After Effects 

Smoking itself is bad for your health. But what if tobacco fumes have stayed in the air? Secondhand smoking is almost as harmful to anyone’s health as first-hand smoking. Roughly 2.5 million since 1964 have died due to complications inflicted by secondhand smoking.

Even just for a brief moment that you’re exposed, it could heavily affect you. Closed spaces that often have smokers around are parking areas, bars, etc., bad ventilation and airflow could cause tobacco fumes to stay in the room. That is why an air purifier for smoke fumes is useful in these times. However, the number of secondhand smokers who have died due to tobacco fumes decreased in the past few years. Probably because of different state regulations implemented about smoking in public places. So, for people to be aware of whether you are a smoker or not, there are health risks that tobacco could cause for adults:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases– Inhaling chemicals doesn’t just directly affect your lungs but your heart as well. Almost 34,000 heart disease-related deaths that are correlated to smoking have been recorded. There is a 25-30% probability that secondhand smoke could cause you a heart disease that will soon develop to stroke. Aside from this, smoke exposure could even make a pre-existing high blood pressure disease much worse for your body.
  2. Respiratory diseases– You may develop asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis or any respiratory illness. If you have a history of asthma, it could make your symptoms worse. Difficulties in breathing, cough and shortness of breath.
  3. Lung cancer– Even living or working with someone that smokes may increase the risks of lung cancer by 30%. It is the top cancer killer in the United States. Approximately there are 7,300 deaths caused by lung cancer and due to either smoking or secondhand smoking.
  4. Other cancers– such as breast cancers, leukemia, lymphoma and sinus cavity can also be caused by smoking and indirectly inhaling tobacco products.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the monitoring of air quality inside an establishment related to the air’s safety. Suppose it is healthy and offers comfortability to people inside the establishment. Results of IAQ could help establishments’ control air pollutants to prevent indoor health issues. Secondhand smoke usually stays in the air for several hours and even extends its reach up to 20 feet for closed spaces. Pets and children are also vulnerable to tobacco fumes.

Do air purifiers work to remove tobacco fumes?

Everyone knew that air purifiers could help improve air quality. It could help prevent allergens, mould and pollens that could cause allergies, cases of flu and other common respiratory diseases. Aside from this, an air purifier for smoke or tobacco fumes is helpful as well to remove them from the air. It can trap chemicals and odours even before they spread much further.

Smoke responsibly

Even though there is a huge decrease in secondhand smoking victims, all smokers should be cautious in smoking in public places. States have regulated policies and laws prohibiting public smoking, but if you’re at home and you live with any smoker, you must get an air purifier or ensure the safety of the people around you as well. If you can’t quit smoking yet, then be considerate to the people you might harm by smoking.