Some Great Outdoor Jobs You Will Love

So many people will spend the majority of their lives working indoors, many times in a cubicle or an office without windows. This is enough to make anyone a little stir-crazy and searching for a more outdoor lifestyle. Having a job that allows you, or even requires you, to be outdoors most of the time sounds like a dream! We have come up with an amazing list of jobs that sound like great ways to spend your day and earn a decent paycheck. Check out all of these fun Outdoor Industry Jobs that could change your life.

#1: Park Ranger

If the outdoors is what you seek, then park ranger jobs might be what you are looking for. When working as a park ranger, you will help people enjoy the park, have fun at the lake, and give out directions. Just in the U.S., there are almost 23,000 employees and almost 222,000 volunteers. You will need either an environmental degree for most parks, but may be able to find a few jobs that won’t require a degree. You may also be required to pass a physical and a written exam before being hired. If you love people and the wilderness, being a park ranger might be a perfect fit for you!

#2: Tour Guide For An Island

If working in paradise sounds like a dream job, being an island tour guide could be your calling. If you enjoy speaking to people, learning the history of the island, and being outdoors, this job is for you. It is overflowing with possibilities like kayaking tours, boat tours, bus tours and so much more. You will need great communication skills and the ability to learn about the area in order to land a tour guide job.

#3: Golf Instructor

If you enjoy spending time out on the green, being a golf instructor might just be right for you. This job will allow you to spend time doing what you love while also teaching others how to golf. This is a job you can turn into a business to run yourself, or you can work for a golf course. A passion for golf and a good understanding of the game is required.

#4: Landscape Designer

If you love plants and the outdoors, a career that allows you to create amazing landscape design would be perfect for you. This career offers a wide range of different types of jobs. You could create beautiful landscapes for residential homes or businesses. Amusement parks are also in need of amazing landscaping. If you have experience with lighting, planting, and knowledge of building codes, this is a job you will want to consider.

#5: Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard is typically an outside job. Occasionally, you will find lifeguard jobs that are for an indoor pool or indoor water park, but most will be outdoors. Being a lifeguard, you will be responsible for ensuring that people have a good time in the water, while still being safe. You will need to know what to do in an emergency situation and could even save lives. You will need to attend a class to learn lifesaving skills and water safety. You will also need to learn how to give CPR correctly. There is no way to deny that this is a great outdoor job that will give you plenty of time in the sun!

#6: Pyrotechnician

If you love being outdoors and blowing things up, this is the job for you! Being mesmerized by the beautiful, bright colors of fireworks is enough to make anyone want to give it a try. As a pyrotechnician, you will design amazing firework displays and be responsible for executing the displays. Keep in mind, while fireworks are usually associated with the 4th of July or other similar celebrations, the can be used for other things such as birthdays, weddings or grand openings too. Be aware that depending on the location of the fireworks, you may need to obtain a special permit or license to be able to transport the fireworks and set them off.

With so many amazing outdoor jobs, the real question is which one is right for you? Do your research, figure out what you need to get started, and then you can start enjoying your job in the great outdoors!