Sutton Stracke Net Worth 2022: How Much is The Socialite Worth?

Sutton Stracke (nee Sutton Brown) is an American socialite, party and event planner, businesswoman, and television personality. Sutton is best recognised for appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10. 

Stracke has much greater wealth than someone who has been in the industry for a few years so, what is the mystery behind her burgeoning wealth and what exactly is Sutton Stracke’s Net Worth?

Sutton Stracke Net Worth

As of 2022, Sutton Stracke’s net worth is approximately $50 million. Unsurprisingly, she lives a lavish lifestyle and owns quite a few properties as well. 

Sutton Stracke’s Main income

Sutton’s main source of income is her fashion boutique – the Sutton Concept. Stracke provides a bunch of fashion labels, accessories, and home decor pieces through her fashion store. 

Other than this, she is also a successful and renowned party planner and host. And the kind of social circles Sutton is a part of, she is easily able to make $100,000 annually by managing events and planning parties. 

Sutton is known for throwing amazing parties for the rich and the famous, which definitely gets her hefty paychecks. Sutton was also listed among some of the best American party hosts by The Salonniere. 

The list also included some of the most celebrated names like the Obamas, Gérard Araud, and Sheikha Rima al-Sabah. Although she is doing quite well in her career, the impressive Sutton Stracke Net Worth machine is a result of other factors. Read on to know. 

Sutton Stracke’s Other income

Sutton has also accumulated a significant amount thanks to her appearance on the reality show – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10. While the show helped her garner a lot of fame, it also added to Stracke’s Net Worth. 

Sutton was a friend of the housewives which whom she originally appeared on the show. However, Stracke was later promoted to a full-time cast member in the 11th season. Stracke participated in the show along with Garcelle Beauvais. 

Real estate is also a major part of Sutton’s investment portfolio. While she herself resides in a luxurious villa, she also owns a couple of other properties in Georgia and New York. 

Sutton Stracke Social Media Accounts

Sutton Strake definitely has a very happening social life. However, she does not flaunt her lifestyle on a lot of platforms. Sutton is only active on two social media platforms – Instagram and Twitter

Sutton Stracke Personal Life, Stats & Facts

Sutton attended Davidson Fine Arts high school in Augusta, Georgia and later moved to New York. Stracke was married to Thibeault “Christian” Stracke for 16 years and has three children with him. 

Sutton Stracke’s Rise to Fame

Sutton Stracke first rose to fame when she joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Season 10 where she was known as one of the friends of the housewives. However, by the 11th Season, her role was upgraded to a full-time cast member. 

While the reality show has made Sutton a household name, she is also known as one of the most successful party hosts in America. Her own fashion boutique has garnered her a lot of attention. 

Owing to her varied skills and successful career, Sutton has also appeared on various talk shows like The Real, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Real, Celebrity Page, and The Q Agenda. Stracke was also invited as a guest at Elton John’s Academy Awards viewing party in the year 2019. 

Sutton Stracke’s Early Life & Education

Sutton Stracke was born on September 20, 1971, to John. T. Brown and Reba Brown. 

She was raised in Augusta, Georgia. While Sutton’s mother was a social worker for the Veterans Administration, her father was an architect in private practice. 

Sutton graduated from Converse College, a women’s college in South Carolina. She later moved to New York City where she studied dance. For further studies, Stracke applied for admission to the University of Chicago. 

Along with her academics, Sutton also focused on making a successful career as a ballet dancer. She also served as associate director of development in charge of fundraising for the Cunningham Dance Foundation in New York. Moreover, Sutton was also the executive director of the Augusta Ballet. 

Stracke got married to Christian Stracke in 2000 who she met when she was a teenager. They were married for 16 years before getting divorced. Sutton and Christain have three children together. Two sons – James and Philip Stracke; one daughter- Porter Stracke. 

Two of their children even appeared on the show -The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Christian Stracke is a financier and the managing director and global head of the Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO). PIMCO is a Newport Beach-based credit research group and investment firm. The organisation majorly specializes in fixed income management. PIMCO has over $2 trillion worth of assets under management. This is the reason behind her financial empire. 

After her divorce, Sutton received a home in Bel Air which Christian and Sutton bought for $7 million in 2012. Sutton sold the property for $7.7 million in 2020. 

Talking about her current personal life, she is reportedly dating Michael Mahoney who is a Keller Williams real estate salesman based in Los Angeles. The couple has been seen together a lot of times at various illustrious social gatherings. However, Sutton recently revealed that she has broken up with Michael. 

Sutton is also an animal lover and is a pet parent to two cats and a dog. 

Stats & Facts

  • DOB: September 20, 1971 (age 50 years)
  • Location: New York City
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
  • Marital status: Divorced

Sutton Stracke’s Net Worth in 2023?

This lady is definitely quite impressive and for which most of the credit goes to her divorce from Christian Stracke. However, Sutton is very talented which can be seen through her party planning and fashion boutique ventures. Looking at her real estate investments and flourishing businesses, Sutton Stracke’s net worth is bound to increase in the coming years with this level of big boss lady energy!