The Best Advice For Successful Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting and transformative project. Many homeowners love redoing their bathrooms the most, as it’s the one place where they can keep to themselves. It brings excitement since they’re smaller and easier to redo than the rest of the house. Bathroom remodels also enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and add value to the property’s worth.

However, a successful bathroom remodel requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a clear vision. Here are some tips to ensure your bathroom remodel is a resounding success:

Have a realistic goal and budget in mind

Before diving into remodeling, defining your goals and establishing a budget are crucial. Figure out the primary purpose of the remodel. Are you looking to create something inspired by a post straight out of Instagram, or do you want to merely update the fixtures and improve functionality? Having a clear vision will help you make informed decisions throughout the process. 

Next, set a realistic budget. Consider the scope of your project, the quality of materials you plan to use, and any additional costs, such as labor or hiring skilled individuals. It’s important to leave some room for unexpected expenses that may arise. By setting a budget from the get-go, you can ensure that your project remains financially manageable.

Unless you have experience in plumbing, electrical work, and construction, hiring professional contractors is the smart thing to do. Ask people in your circle for recommendations for bathroom remodeling experts, look up companies online, and narrow down one that is sure to meet your expectations. Research and obtain multiple quotes from reputable contractors. Check their credentials, read reviews, and ask for references. A reliable contractor will provide a detailed timeline, cost breakdown, and clear communication throughout the project.

Be flexible

Staying flexible and maintaining open communication with any contractor you choose to work with is important throughout the remodeling process. Unexpected challenges may arise, and adjustments might be necessary. Be prepared to adapt your plans while considering your goals and budget.

Nothing but the best, or go without

Investing in high-quality materials is essential for a successful bathroom remodel. These investments contribute to the overall aesthetic and determine the durability and longevity of your new bathroom. The better the materials and fixtures, the greater the durability. A reliable contractor will use the best quality material for the project, ensuring they are your one-stop shop for kitchen and bathroom remodels. Some contractors even handle from the very start, including demolition, right to the finishing touches of the remodel.

Choose fixtures such as faucets, showerheads, and toilets that are visually appealing and efficient in terms of water usage. Opt for materials that are resistant to moisture and easy to clean, such as porcelain or ceramic tiles for flooring and shower walls.

Deceive yourself – make your bathroom look bigger

If your bathroom is too small and you want to make it (look) bigger, working with dark colors is a big no-no. Dark colors tend to make a space look smaller than it is, which can lead to severe claustrophobia in some cases. To make it look spacious and soothing to the eye, select a light color palette. Doing so will make your bathroom look more spacious.

Speaking of spaciousness, add mirrors to the room. Using smaller mirrors, in addition to the main one hanging above the vanity, reflects extra light and makes the bathroom look bigger than it is. However, don’t go overboard with too many mirrors here and there, or your bathroom will look too cluttered.

Go for the right lighting and ventilation

A bathroom is where everyone sees every inch of their body and looks closely at every tiny detail, from hair to face to makeup to shaving. One big light in the center won’t cut it, so you should consider adding lights to the mirrors that directly focus on you. Moreover, good ambient lighting allows for better visibility.

Bathrooms can also get hot – quite literally! Add an exhaust fan to your bathroom for ventilation; without it, doing anything with too much steam, humidity, and stench can seem like a mammoth task.

Go green while you’re at it – do Mother Earth a favor

In today’s environmentally conscious world, incorporating energy-efficient and sustainable elements into your bathroom remodel is both responsible and cost-effective. Consider installing low-flow toilets and water-saving faucets to reduce your utility bills and environmental footprint. 

Choose eco-friendly materials for vanities and cabinets, such as reclaimed wood and recyclable material. Go for non-toxic paints and finishes to improve indoor air quality. These choices not only benefit the environment, but also contribute to the long-term value of your home.

Add small storage units

An organized and clutter-free bathroom enhances functionality and aesthetics. The lesser items spread out, the neater the look. Add smart storage solutions to maximize space and neatly organize your bathroom essentials. Consider installing recessed cabinets, floating shelves, or vanity units with ample but compact storage capacity.

Utilize vertical space by adding hooks, towel bars, or baskets for additional storage. Make use of underutilized areas, such as the space above the toilet or beside the bathtub. When you’re short on space, build into the walls of the bathrooms for storage purposes.

Invest wisely

You don’t remodel a bathroom every other day, which is why it is important to keep the future in mind at the time of renovation as well. Think about the things you may need in the future in your bathroom, and consider installing them during the makeover to avoid messing with it later on. Wise decisions made now will help improve the longevity of your bathroom and add substantially to the property’s resale value.


A bathroom makeover is one of the most fun things to do in your home, and it takes half the time compared to the rest of your home, even the kitchen. By doing what’s required, you can have yourself a dream bathroom that you see on social media every other day. Pay heed to the advice mentioned above and you won’t have to break a sweat. Research, ask around, and execute! Your dream bathroom is just a decision away.