The Best Devices For Keeping Your Family And Your House Safe

Although it isn’t a pleasurable thought, and the idea of someone breaking into your home is enough to send shivers down your spine, you must prepare for any possibility. Therefore, you have to ensure that you’re equipped to either discourage the thieves before the theft takes place, or to catch the perpetrators in the hope of being reunited with your belongings. As you’ll agree, protecting your home and your family is paramount, and there are ways of doing your very best to employ preventative measures with the help of devices and gadgets. You want to protect your family, your home and your possessions by any means possible, so it’s important to get to grips with new technology that will enable you to do exactly this.

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor outside your home will pick up on any movement activity and alert you to it. If you place motion sensors at the back and the front of your home in full view, assuming that you’re covering the two main entrances of your property, then this itself could be enough to deter anyone with ill intention from wanting to come one step closer towards your home. A driveway motion sensor can protect your home, your garden, and your car, so it’s well worth investing in this smart technology and taking steps to protect your family and your possessions. Motion sensors either side of your garage can also help you park your car and protect from damaging it through means of accidentally hitting into objects stored in your garage.


Perhaps your most useful device for preventing theft from your home is to use a camera. Having a security camera which can be seen might well be enough to prevent a burglary, however, if not, then the evidence recorded by the camera can be used to help catch the thief or even be used as evidence for prosecuting the offender. By installing a camera, you’re not just keeping watch of thieves, but also you’re tracking any unwanted visitors that may take a fancy to your lawn or trash cans, for example. You can keep an eye on which pests are making their way on to your property, and from here you can take steps in trying to eradicate them. You can do this either by laying traps or making your home and yard far less appealing to the critters via means of building an impenetrable trash can shed or using the scent or spray of another, and more fearsome animal. If you do have trouble with pests, then it’s worth calling in the professionals who can take care of the problem quickly and safely.

A Guard Dog

Having a large dog outside your home can help keep your family safe as its very presence can be enough to prevent robbers from entering your yard. Even if the dog isn’t particularly large or necessarily protective, having a furry friend visible in the garden can be all you need to keep your family safe from the threat of theft. Having said this, however, you need to be vigilant and acutely aware that a dog shouldn’t be left alone in the company of any young children whatsoever, as having an aggressive, or just an unpredictable dog in the home could have serious consequences for your family. If you’re thinking about getting a puppy to share your home with, then always ensure that you know the temperament of the dog’s mother and father. You should also make sure that the dog doesn’t initially show signs of being vicious or overly interested in your young children, and you carry out research into the history and characteristics of the breed you’re considering welcoming into your house. If you’re thinking of keeping a guard dog mostly for the purpose of protecting your home, then any young children shouldn’t come near the dog, and you should issue written warnings around the parameters of your home that you, in fact, keep a potentially aggressive dog.

Safe And Secure Wi-Fi Routers

Keeping your Wi-Fi routers safe and secure will put pay to any criminal plans of using your network for dark and exploitative means. Since you use your internet for many activities such as internet banking, sending emails to work, purchasing goods, and sharing details from your personal life, it’s within your interest to prevent individuals who may wish to cause you and your family harm from gaining information into the most private recesses of your life. Some smart routers have the capacity to scan all devices on the network for malware vulnerabilities, to monitor outbound traffic, and to detect any zombie or alien devices on the network and send notifications when it detects suspicious activity or when it suspects that your security may be compromised. These routers can protect the safety of your home and your personal information from being potentially hacked and leaked.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide leaks can kill, and often they do. Since carbon monoxide is odorless and therefore undetectable to the human nose, it is more of a means for concern than other gases. It is paramount that you install carbon monoxide detectors in your home as the difference between having one and not having one can be death. Carbon monoxide is an unapologetic silent killer that could claim the lives of you and your family as you lie asleep in your beds, so you can afford not to have one in your home.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors allow you digital access to your child’s wellbeing without actually being inside the room. Such monitors can record and track your child’s rate of breathing and can sense when the baby’s breathing becomes too slow or too fast and will alert you to a change in how your baby’s breathing is behaving. For added safety, consider installing a battery operated baby monitor that features a camera as well as a motion and breathing sensor. Since you cannot be too careful in protecting your young child, this device is considered a must-have in keeping your family safe.