Buying the Right Tree for Your Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden you can turn it into a really special place, an oasis for you and your local wildlife. One way to quickly fill up some space and greatly improve the ambiance of a big garden is to plant a tree. If you choose a fast-growing variety and buy something that is already a few feet high you will have a lovely large tree to enjoy after just a couple of years.

The right tree for your growing conditions

However, it is important to do your research and buy the right tree for your garden. You can easily purchase trees for your state from The Tree Center. They really are experts. This firm knows the US well, so can help you to find a tree that will thrive where you live. It feels good to plant something that will still be there for people to enjoy many decades later.

The look you are after

Once you understand which varieties of tree will thrive in your garden you are halfway there. Now, is the time to think about how it will look. You want any trees that you plant to fit in with the style of your home and neighborhood.

It is important to think about how the tree will look during each season. A bare poplar looks very different from one that is covered in leaves. If you do not like bare branches you may be better off planting an evergreen variety instead.

Ease of maintenance

That brings me nicely to another important point. You also need to consider how easy the tree that you are planning to buy will be to look after. If you do not like raking leaves that last thing you need is a couple of large deciduous trees to look after.

Can you afford to take care of it?

The other consideration is the cost of maintaining your trees. If you choose a large variety, every few years, you may have to pay a tree surgeon to trim it back hard. This can cost a lot of money, so it is an important consideration.

Do you really have enough space?

When buying a tree you need to understand how big it will be once it reaches maturity. It is all too easy to choose a tree which you enjoy for the first few decades but eventually end up hating because it has practically taken over your entire garden. You need to think about the spread of both the branches and the roots when working out how big a tree your yard can accommodate. You can learn a bit more about how to do this by reading this excellent PDF.

Can you legally plant it in your area?

It is also important to check whether there are any restrictions on the size of tree you can plant in your neighborhood. In some places, the planting of certain varieties is banned. You really must not skip over this part of your research. If you plant the wrong thing you can end up being fined. Plus, you will usually face a hefty bill for the removal of the tree and stump.