The Best Games to Play to Stop You Getting Bored While Pregnant 

Whether you’re waiting for your baby to be born and spending a lot of time alone, or you’ve been taken into hospital and can’t keep yourself occupied, there are many reasons why you might turn to gaming and other online activities to stop you from getting bored while you’re expecting a little one. 

If there’s ever a time to indulge and go easy on yourself, it’s during pregnancy. Women go through so much during this experience – from physical pain to emotional worries and anxiety. Those pregnant with their first child can struggle even more, with the anticipation and the unknown factor often overwhelming.  

Games can help to take your mind off the stresses and concerns that can come along with pregnancy, especially in the later stages. And that’s where we come in – to share with you some of the best games to play which can help stop you getting bored while you’re pregnant.  

Mahjong games 

Mahjong is a timeless classic game which can keep anyone entertained for hours – literally. Many apps which offer free Mahjong games for your phone or tablet include several stages and levels, with some offering hundreds of different games to conquer. 

You can find these free to download from the app store, or search for online websites which offer a variety of different themes to choose from.  

Classic crosswords  

If you don’t want to get online and would prefer to keep your eyes away from the screen, why not have a look in your local stores or ask someone to pick up a copy of a crossword puzzle book? 

A puzzle book is a classic must-have for your bag when packing to go into hospital to give birth to your baby, since it can provide you with endless entertainment if you’re into this type of problem-solving games.  

Alternatively, you can download apps which offer puzzles like crosswords, as well as Sudoku and other classic games.  

Bingo games 

Bingo is a very popular game to play, and if you have an urge to try your luck and see what you could win, it can be a fantastic way to pass the time while you’re waiting for the doctor to arrive, or for your next visitor to come through the door.  

You can select the bingo sites UK to win at, with a selection of websites and games to choose from that will ensure you don’t get bored while relaxing and looking after yourself while pregnant. 

If bingo isn’t your thing, you can explore other gambling games, including Casino Bonus, Betting and Poker, with sites like offering a range of websites to visit to get your betting fix.  

Solitaire and card games 

Another timeless game to explore, if you haven’t played Solitaire before you will quickly understand why it’s become such a popular choice. 

There are so many versions of this game now, including themed versions, so you can choose from a whole range of options in your app store or online. You can also play games like Solitaire if you have a pack of cards, so consider taking this with you if you’re being admitted to hospital.  

If you’re still at home and wondering what things you can do to keep yourself entertained while off work and waiting to go into labour, you can buy a cheap pack of cards to play a classic game of Solitaire by yourself, and the cards can be adapted to all sorts of 1-player or 2-player + games with your family and friends, enabling hours of fun. 

Pregnancy games 

As the online world continues to expand, there are more games than ever which are themed around pregnancy. For example, you can download games which allow you to look after your own virtual baby, or chat with other mothers and expectant mothers online via instant messaging functions. 

This is the perfect type of game to choose if you want to do something which is a bit more interactive or takes you on a journey.   

In conclusion, there are multiple games which are perfect for women looking to pass the time while they’re pregnant or awaiting hospital treatment. No matter what type of games you enjoy, there’s something for every woman.