The Juvenile Law: 5 Things You Need to Do When Your Child Is Arrested

Very few parents expect their child to be arrested. However, pre-teens and teens can be arrested for things that happen while they’re with their friends, while they’re with their parents, or while they’re at school. No matter why the child is arrested, there are some things a parent needs to do to help control the outcome of the situation.

Find an Attorney for Your Child

Children, like adults, should not speak with the police without a lawyer present. The child, however, still has the right to a lawyer and can refuse to answer questions without their lawyer. As soon as possible after an arrest, parents should look for a lawyer that has experiencing helping children who have been arrested. Lawyers like those from the Khonsari Law Group understand the complexities of juvenile law and how to help children who have been arrested.

Request to be Present During Questioning

Parents, in many cases, do not have a right to be present while their child is being questioned. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask to speak with the child or to be in the room while the child is being questioned. If the answer is no, let the officers know that a lawyer has been hired and is on the way. If the parent is allowed to sit in during questioning, they need to be respectful of the situation and should remind the child that they do not need to answer questions without a lawyer present to avoid self-incrimination.

Request Copies of All Documents Relating to Arrest

Parents should request copies of all documents relating to the arrest. These papers should be kept in a folder together, so they’re easily accessible at any time during or after the case. Documents the parent may request will include copies of police reports, information from the police or the courts about the arrest, information from mental health professionals, or any other documents the parent receives after the arrest. Along with keeping all of the documents, the parent should make sure a copy is given to the child’s lawyer.

Find Support

Everything that is happening is overwhelming, even with a lawyer to help guide the parent and child through the process. Parents may want to seek support so they can get information from other parents who have been in the same situation and who have made it through the court system. There are local and national groups that cater to parents in this situation. It is important to remember, however, that the parent should avoid talking about the case before it is over to avoid any potential issues.

Work Closely with the Attorney

The court process can take a while, but the parent will need to make sure they continue to work closely with their child’s lawyer. The lawyer will be the one who speaks with the police, the prosecution, and others involved in the court process as well as the one who handles scheduling, looking through the evidence in the case, and forming a possible defense. It’s important for the parent to work closely with the lawyer to keep up with everything that is happening and to be able to make informed decisions based on the lawyer’s suggestions.

If your child has been arrested, use the tips here to handle the situation and help them work toward a better outcome. Contact a lawyer immediately to start getting the help you and your child need as the case goes through the courts.