The Most Important Tarot Cards You Will See

If you are new to the world of tarot, you have a long way to go. It is a fascinating place which is filled with power and legends. There are different types of tarot decks which have evolved from the original form and have become as common as a deck of playing cards. Every deck has history and if you approach tarot with an open mind, there is so much you can learn about. Different tarot decks contain different cards and each card carries a unique importance in the deck and for the reader. In case of minor arcana, the suits will change from deck to deck and there is no particular deck which is considered right, each deck comes with its own powers that can help the reader predict the future and answer questions. However, there are some well known cards that are a huge part of the traditional decks.

The three most important tarot cards

  1. Eight of Swords: This particular card is from the minor arcana and it is a part of the regular deck of cards but this card is very profound for those who ask questions about anything they have a conflict about. Many at times, we come across situations when our mind is in a conflict and it is hard to make a decision. This card depicts a women blindfolded lying down and surrounded by a cage which is made of eight swords. The tarot card is a representation of conflict  or a fear to make a decision and choose one or the other. In case the card comes with a face up, it is telling you to push through the discomfort you are going through right now and make a decision. It shows that you should keep going even if the swords are cutting you. If the card is face down, there is a movement to abstain, this means you need to wait on making the decision and wait for the right time.
  2. The Death card: Most people are extremely scared of this card. If you do not know what this card means, you need to understand it well. Fake tarot reads might scare you with this card and to gain clarity on the same, you need to start with this post. This is a death card which does not mean death at all. It is actually a card of transformation and it means just that. This card represents change or a passage or a journey and when you see this card, you need to take it in the most positive manner. Do not ever be scared of the death card because it is not brining you death but bringing you change and progress. It is important to understand the meaning behind the card and not let it scare you.
  3. The Wheel of Fortune : As much as it sounds, this is one card which everyone wishes to receive. This card has a joyous nature and it actually predicts real fortune. It is the card everyone wants to receive as an answer to their questions. It predicts real change, fortune and boon to anything you are going through. The one card everyone is thrilled to pull. If this card opens for you, be ready for good news.

A tarot deck has 78 cards but these are some of the cards which mean a great deal and if you encounter them in your reading, do not be scared but rejoice because these cards will guide you to the right path. Before you panic or get scared about the tarot cards, understand what they mean and how they will have an impact on your life. Ensure that your reader tells you the meaning of every card that is drawn and get all your answers. An in-depth understanding of the card will help you choose the right path and handle the situation at hand. These are the three most important cards in the deck and if you receive them, you need to apply them in a positive manner towards the situations in your life.

Many a times, the tarot reader does not explain the detailed meaning of the card and confuses the client. This is why you need to ask as many questions as you have to the reader and gain clarity on what the card stands for. Approach tarot reading with an open mind and be open to receiving new ideas and answers to every question that you may have.