The top 5 non-surgical cosmetic procedure

In today’s world we are bombarded with images of perfection everywhere we look. There are so many channels flashing pictures of people with flawless appearances it is impossible to miss them. We have television, movies, social media, streamed content of all types and every one of them reminds us of how self-assured and confident people feel when they know they look good.

All of us are trying to be that little bit healthier, finding out what we should eat and changes our diets for the better, tuning in to the fitness routines that work for us and building more toned physiques as far as fits in with our lifestyles. In addition to the eating and exercise there are now, more than ever, things available to improve the way we feel about the first thing people see, our face.

While all sorts of expensive cosmetic surgery has been around for a while there are options that do not involve surgery. We caught up with Jenny Howson from Beauty Skin Clinic and asked her what the most popular procedures for her clients were. “I can definitely say Botox treatments are the number one thing that people come to us for, after that is the different types of fillers.”

So, what are all these interventions and how do they help? Well, in the UK the top five at present by popularity are listed below:

1. Botox treatments

Queen of them all is without a doubt Botox. Carefully administered injections of this can swiftly reduce wrinkles, frown lines or crows’ feet around the eyes. By stopping the muscles from contracting the skin into these it also helps prevent any further formation of them. Around the eyes it is used to give the effect of an eye lift without the need for any intrusive cutting.

2. Dermal fillers

These are used to round out or plump various features. Although a very common use is to give the pouting lips effect did you know they can also be used to effectively give you a nose job without the expensive rhinoplasty surgery? Carefully planned smoothing of the contours around the nose can bring the symmetry and harmony people look for in that area.

3. Skin peels

Our skin is covered with a layer of dead cells. As we age the outer layers of our skin age too. A skin peel is the process of removing these outer layers and there are different degrees of peeling. At its simplest removal of the top layer can provide an immediate fresher look, there are deeper peels that take time for the skin to fully adapt and show the complete benefits.

4. Teeth whitening

Another common process that can be considered a non-surgical improvement is a tooth whitening treatment. A bright, welcoming smile adds a whole other degree of appeal to a face.

5. Profhilo treatment

In fifth place is an innovative treatment for skin. The Profhilo treatment tightens up the skin by promoting collagen and elastin accumulation in the deeper layers of the skin. This is a longer lasting treatment for soft, taut skin texture.