Top 5 Reasons Students Choose an Online Degree

The ever-advancing technological landscape has transformed all spheres of life, and the field of education is no exception. The enrollment rates in online degree programs had already been on a gradual rise since 2006. But with the outbreak of COVID-19, the global online learning industry saw a massive boost in revenues, which has only continued to increase despite the complete lift of the lockdown.

In addition to the already-enrolled students’ preference for this flexible mode of learning, online education helped universities reach a wider population, leading to a more inclusive image of their vision as an institution. As a result, online learners are predicted to outnumber the students in traditional classrooms by 2025.

Consequently, educational institutions have been putting more effort into further improving their distance learning infrastructure, which has significantly refined the quality and worth of online degrees. For instance, in North America, the largest e-learning market as of the research estimates of 2021, the US K-12 education has incorporated e-learning as one of its core components. The fruits of this growing concern for online education in the US are most noticeable in Texas, which is now the national leader of online education, being home to 200,000 distance learners. The state boasts several notable institutes, such as the Texas State University that has received multiple awards in recognition of its innovative online programs.  

Perks of an Online Degree

Aside from excellent quality education, here are some other reasons why students choose an online degree:

It is Affordable

An online degree can cut down your costs in several ways. From admission fees to resource books to commuting options, you’ll be relieved of some considerable financial stress. In fact, you can find some amazing online business schools in Texas that offer affordable education without compromising quality. An online degree from a public school in Texas would cost somewhere around $659.93 per credit. Moreover, according to the estimates of the Education Data Initiative, online degrees are estimated to cost $31,165 less than traditional degrees. 

This isn’t hard to believe once you think about all the extra expenses associated with traditional learning. But if you study from the comfort of your home, you don’t have to travel to school, buy heavy course books, or pay your hostel dues. You don’t even need to pay for the extra facilities like the furniture, labs, and library in the institution. Just pay the tuition fee and get started!

You Can Have a More Flexible Schedule

You must have had the frustrating experience of missing a lecture due to some illness or other emergency. Traditional schools have a fixed schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling blue; the class will go on without you. And you can never make up for the missed parts in their entirety later. However, with distance learning, you have more control over your study schedule. 

Many programs provide recordings of lectures for students who could not attend the sessions live for some reason. So you can be on the same page as the rest of the students even if you miss a class or two at times. You can access the recordings in your own time. The flexibility of online learning makes it easier for you to balance everything, including your:

  • Responsibilities at home, 
  • Relationships with family and friends, and 
  • Career advancement through part-time jobs. 

You can manage all of this while pursuing higher education simultaneously. 

It is Easily Accessible


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Online education is easily accessible to a wide audience. Many people from far-flung areas normally cannot afford to attend accredited institutions. Owing to distance learning, they can now keep pace with the advancements in education and receive the same facilities as the more developed areas. With its more inclusive nature, distance learning does not discriminate between people from different backgrounds to accommodate the needs of a larger section of society. So, everyone has an equal opportunity to get a quality education to advance their careers. Hence, online degrees seem to be paving the way for social mobility. All you need to attend virtual classes in some of the top international universities is a laptop and a good internet connection.

You Can Learn Additional Useful Skills 

If you choose to get an online degree, you’ll be spending more time with technology. It can help you develop some additional skills like:

  • Good know-how of technological gadgets
  • Upgraded computer skills
  • Self Discipline
  • Time Management

This is one of the best things about distance learning, as you can become more tech-savvy no matter which academic discipline you belong to. In today’s digital world, technological skills are a must-have on your resume when searching for a job in any industry. Continuous use of technology during your degree can give you enough familiarity with the devices to spark the interest of potential employers in hiring you.

In addition, when you learn at your own pace, you naturally become more self-disciplined and learn time management skills. Without these, you cannot hope to get through your online degree any more than a traditional one. So, if you pass your online degree with good grades, you will have developed these skills that are sought after in the job market. 

It Caters to Different Learning Styles

Online education is more suitable for students with unique learning styles who find the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional learning insufficient. Different individuals have different learning styles, and some may need more attention or time from the instructor. While one-on-one sessions are not possible in traditional learning owing to the restraints of resources, digital learning solves this problem. 

There are no requirements for a physical space or fixed class timings. Depending on the availability and convenience of the instructor and student, many courses even offer one-on-one tutoring to cater to the specific needs of individual students. Even degree programs allow you to have individualized sessions with teachers. Mostly, they are also willing to keep a flexible approach to their methods and timings as they are also at ease teaching from home. 

Moreover, instructors grounded in the art of distance learning use a multitude of methods to ensure every learner remains engaged and motivated despite studying in the cozy atmosphere of their homes.

Final Word

Technology has invaded every part of our lives, including our approach to seeking education. As the online mode becomes more effective with technological developments, people are ready to leverage the many perks that come with getting an online degree. In many cases, online enrollments have far surpassed the numbers of those seeking admission to traditional classrooms. Going through the reasons why people prefer online education in the list above, it is safe to say that the future of digital learning seems brighter than ever.