Top Five Jewelry Making Ideas with Beads

With the skills, requisite raw materials, and creativity, you can easily make your custom magnificent beads that will make you look stunning at a very lower cost. First, you need to be equipped with the jewelry kit and all the materials required in making the jewelry you desire. I am going to share with you the top five jewelry-making ideas using diamond beads.

1. Crystal Vogue Necklace

These beads can be designed in five simple steps. To design this type of jewelry you need red crystal beads, white pearl, 2mm golden seed beans, a chain and an open ring, a lobster clasp, and a fishing line. First, you need to make simple beading uniting by sliding four green crystal beads, then making a similar pair of green crystal beads, however using three beads this time. Joining the first pair with the second pair of beads in the front unit using a needle forms a complete set leaving a vacant part where we insert the golden seed beads. Joining the single sets together forms one complete sparkling crystal vogue necklace.

2. Round Pearl Necklace Pendant

These types of jewelry are round in shape and incorporate three types of diamond beads that have different colours. They however display a dazzling pattern when beaded together, an aspect that makes this type of jewelry fabulous for vital occasions such as weddings among others. To make this jewelry, you need blue glass beads, transparent seed beads, a piece of aluminum wire, white pearl beads, and leather cord findings. This jewelry can be designed in two simple steps. The first step is to set the inner side of the necklace using the aluminum wire to design the white thread and then loop the wire to set the bottom of the beaded pearl. Insert some transparent seed beads around the pearl bead and make a node to fasten the diamond beads. The second step is to complete the outermost part of the jewelry by sliding some blue glass beads around the seed beads and make a loop by folding the wire. Connecting the sets using the inner and the outer part forms the luminous round pearl necklace pendant.

3. The Charming Ocean Glass and Pearl Beaded Collar Necklace

         To design this type of jewelry, you need blue cat eyes, blue faceted glass beads, white seed beads, tiger wire, jump rings, and iron lobster clasps. You start by cutting a 110 cm long tiger wire and inserting some faceted blue glass beads. Make a knot at the left end of the wire and tighten it to set the basic design of the necklace strand. Secondly, insert blue beads through the wire from the left end and pearl beads from the right side and cross the wires through another blue pearl and reinforce the beads. You need to repeat the above steps to set several basic patterns until you get to the desired length. Sandwich the white seed bead in between the blue bead pearls in the entire strand and cut off the extra wire. Then, separately you should bead the blue cat eye beads with the white seed beads sandwiched in between the two blue cat eye beads. You can now join the two sets together at the vacant point of each blue-faceted unit all-round the entire set. Again separately cut a piece of tiger wire and insert the white seed beads while sandwiching the blue cat eye beads at an equal interval. You can join this set at the peripheral side of the other set and insert an iron ring at the joint to completely design your Charming Ocean Glass and Pearl Beaded Collar Necklace.

4. Butterfly Necklace

This is an attractive necklace design that incorporates pearl beads, seed beads, and crystal beads. Through skillful artisanship, you can bead the three beards into a beautiful pattern that will redefine your appearance into marvelous and sparling. The procedure for designing the butterfly necklace is simple since it involves designing an elementary butterfly necklace by sliding sky blue seeds in a piece of wire and crossing the wires making a knot and tightening the beads together. You then insert red crystal beads each on both ends and cross the wire before inserting a white seed bead and crossing the wire again. Repeat the same procedure until the setting gets to the length that you desire.

Check out diamond beads necklace size charts for your guidance.

5. Flower Shape Beaded Bracelet

You need the following materials for you to design this jewelry: extension chains, white seed beads, yellows seed beads, finishing line, and an open ring. You first fix the end of the finishing line with a lock and insert one yellow been seed followed by four white seeds. Then continue to thread with the white seeds and red seed beads only at the finishing line and then fix them with clamps. Cut off the excess wire and fix a lobster clasp and extension chain on the bracelet using a jump loop.