Top Healthy Finger Food Menu For The Perfect Party

Whether for the holidays, a special occasion, or just because you feel like it; everybody loves a party! One of the most important parts of any festivity is the food. The hors d’oeuvres we serve are always a treat, but they don’t always treat our bodies as well as our mouths. Luckily, there’s no reason your next party platter cannot be both delicious and healthy. In that spirit, here is a healthy finger foods menu which you can prepare at home, or hire a caterer like Flavours Catering to provide, which is sure to have your guests gossiping about what a smart party planner you are!

Cauliflower Crackers

Chips and dip are classic party fare, but the fat and salt add up fast. You can control both by making these savory crackers. Simply chop one head of raw cauliflower into large chunks and steam until tender. Allowing them to cool to room temperature first, you will want to transfer them into a food processor and mill until they have the consistency of dried oats.

Next, add spices like oregano and garlic powder for an Italian flair. Blend in a tablespoon of your favorite olive oil, two eggs, and enough flour to bind into a dry but malleable dough, and spread the mixture evenly onto an oiled pan. Pop them into a 400-degree oven for about 30 minutes, or until golden brown, and allow them to cool before slicing the sheet into any finger-sized shape you like! These savory crackers pair well with any dip, but tapenade is a particularly apropos choice.

Avocado Crostini

Sometimes the best foods are the ones you fuss with the least, allowing the natural flavors to be the center of attention. Crostini topped with slices of rich, healthy avocado and cherry tomato halves is the very embodiment of this culinary principal!

Simply cut a whole grain baguette into quarter-inch slices, brush them with olive oil, and dust with freshly cracked pepper before toasting them for 15 minutes in a 350-degree oven. Once they’re golden brown to your liking, top them with spoonfuls of avocado, garnish with a cherry tomato, and finish them off with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Prosciutto Wrapped Grilled Shrimp

Bacon wrapped treats, and seafood dipped in buttery sauces are a staple of any party scene. While decadent, they are also loaded with extra calories. By substituting prosciutto for the bacon, and substituting the buttery sauce for one rich in healthy fats, your guests can enjoy all of the decadence without the regret.

You can begin by steaming shrimp or buying them pre-cooked from your seafood counter. Cut your prosciutto into thin strips which you can wrap around your shrimp and roll them up. For the sauce, drain a can of crushed San Marzano tomatoes and blend with olive oil and sweet basil. Add a few teaspoons of crushed horseradish for a healthy, spicy take on cocktail sauce.