Top Tips for Motivating Your Child to Learn

It can be quite a hassle to get a child to do their work, especially as there are so many other things that they would rather be doing. Nevertheless, it’s a battle that you can win by changing how they look at education and putting a few measures in place to ensure that the job gets done. We have teamed up with a prep school in London to share our top tips for motivating a child to learn.

A Reward System

A good way to get your child in the habit of doing their homework is to incentivise them. A reward system can help to turn the process of something otherwise mundane like homework into a game that earns them rewards whilst helping them in class. All you’ll need is something to log their points and an agreed reward rate.

A Helping Hand

In class, children have the support of their teacher whilst doing their work. When doing homework on the other hand, children are left to their own devices which means that when they are stuck it can be difficult for them to continue. Making yourself available to sit with them whilst they do their homework gives them the opportunity to ask for help should they need it to avoid this happening. It can also make sure that it actually gets done as opposed to just being left to the side.

Reinforce the Importance of Education

This is probably a lecture that your child’s received several times over but reinforcing how important education is can help them to value it more and give it the attention that it needs. You can talk about the real world, practical situations where they will need to apply maths or science and even the careers that they’re interested in.