The Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children

There are teaching opportunities all around us from inside the home to the garden. Outdoor learning provides a learning experience like none other as children are able to enjoy the relaxing environment that it provides and fresh air. They are also able to learn about the natural world and develop a deeper connection with it. An independent girls’ school in Hertfordshire shares more on the benefits of outdoor learning for children below.

Improved Health 

Instead of being cooped up indoors, your child can get fresh air which can improve their mood and overall health. They are also able to run around and exercise freely which will not only help you to get them up and about but also with the development of their gross motor skills.

Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. With the rise that we have seen in children’s mental health issues over the past few years, this should be an utmost priority for parents and educators. According to studies, the green that we see outdoors does this by making us feel happier and less anxious.


Both the above benefits alone can help you to see improvements in your child’s performance at school as they have fewer barriers to learning and are able to concentrate better. The hands-on aspect is also well suited to those with a kinaesthetic learning style. It helps them to thrive as they can experiment and make their own discoveries.


Continuing from the last point, lessons that are delivered outdoors are usually practical in nature which allows for team working and communication with others. Children as a result can practice socialising and develop their confidence. 

Problem Solving

As they navigate through outdoor environments, children can question what they see and learn about the world through their own unique experiences. They can help them to become more inquisitive and good problem solvers.