Top ways to get a good night’s sleep with Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews

These days, it is more important then ever to get a good night’s sleep. The best paying careers these days are cognitive and creative in nature; both these faculties suffer if you don’t get enough rest.

What’s more, those in blue collar professions suffer degradations in their alertness if they haven’t been getting enough rest – this can lead to a serious accident, especially if they are responsible for operating heavy equipment.

How can you improve the quality of the sleep you get? This article will share a few tips that will help you achieve this goal.

1) Evaluate your mattress

Unsurprisingly, the bed you sleep in is one of the most important factors when it comes to getting a good night’s rest.

If the mattress you sleep on is ill-suited to the type of sleeper you are, getting quality shuteye will be a challenge.

Test out beds at a neighborhood furniture store and figure out what you like, then consider your sleeping position.

For instance, if you sleep on your back and you have a significant other who thrashes about from dusk ’til dawn, a memory foam mattress might be right for you, especially once you read Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews written by fellow sleepers who were once in the same boat as you.

The foam in these mattresses is firm enough to support your spine properly but it is soft enough to be comfortable.

What’s more, the material greatly dampens vibrations made by movement, meaning you won’t disturb your hubby and neither will they.

2) Pick a sleep schedule and stick to it

Once your body clock is set, it cannot be changed on a whim. As much as you want to stay up all night on the weekends and then go back to waking up at 6 am on work days, it won’t happen without suffering significant losses in the restorative sleep you need to function optimally.

Although this rule is reliant on self-discipline, going to sleep and waking at the same time everyday will eliminate the sleep deficits you suffer from at the start of each work week.

It may mean leaving the bar earlier than usual on Friday night or (gasp) growing up and becoming more of an adult, but look at the bright side: you’ll finally get to discover all the cool stuff you can do on weekend mornings.

3) Only use your bed for sleep

This one is a tough one as well, as many have ritualized checking their phone or surfing the web on their laptop while in bed.

You need to stop doing this, as your mind associates your bed as a place to do these activities. Even after you shut your gadgets down, it is hard for your mind to slip into sleep mode, as it still think you should be doing those tasks.

Instead, opt to work or play on your devices on the couch or in your home office and you’ll reset these mental associations in due time.