Training Your Dog – 5 Amazing Tips To Ensure Optimum Level Of Activity

It is always a fun thing to engage with your dog in interesting activities. This way you get an opportunity to bond with them and also to train them in certain tricks and gimmicks.

House And Crate Training Your Dog

This is an all-encompassing training routine for your dog or pup. Unless you want to keep them outdoors at all times, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Crate training for puppies: A few basics of crate training for puppies include
  • Encouraging them to enjoy the crate
  • Setting up their favorite toys inside that area
  • Creating a little play station of sorts for them inside the crate
  • Placing their favorite treats in the corners of the crate
  • House training your dog: A few principles you should follow while house training your dog are:
  • Consistency with your sitting and stay commands
  • Being firm and repetitive with your commands when controlling their activities around the house
  • Explaining to your family members all the commonly used commands so that your dog becomes used to hearing them
  • limit urination incidents

You can limit urination incidents by paying attention to their routine. Assess and evaluate their urination cycle and time your walks outside of the house so that they can do their business without creating a mess inside. It will also encompass teaching them how to do a few actions and make some sounds whenever they want to relieve themselves. You will notice that urination mishaps inside the house have reduced significantly.

  • Training your dog to stay  

This is without a doubt one of the most difficult feats to accomplish. But once you do it successfully, teaching them more difficult activities will become even more fun. You can also invest in a bag of bully sticks for dogs to lure them into staying put for a long time.

This takes your dog training to the next level because you are ensuring that they listen to you and do as you say with minimal persuasion. Once you are able to cross this threshold, teaching them more advanced and complex tricks becomes easier.

  • Now moving on to more advanced tricks 

If you are thinking about investing a few of your resources and effort into advanced dog training, you should first enable them to master all the basics. These activities are going to keep your pet very active and mentally stimulated as well.

Here’s a great article on dog training and how you start off teaching your dog five basic commands yourself. 

Advanced dog training techniques also help you strengthen the bond that you have with your pet. You can teach them to fetch specific objects. You can also train them to solve various puzzles. Advanced training also encompasses identifying shapes, numbers, and colors. Training your dog is going to be fun.

Key takeaways  

You should remember a few rules before you begin training your dog regardless of its age. These are:

  • Be supportive of your pet always 
  • Reward him with tasty treats 
  • Encourage him to participate and mingle with other dogs around your neighborhood 
  • Go to outings and picnics with them more often

Remember, your pet is going to need your constant love and affection for any of the pet training techniques to show results. Do this and you might not need anything else.