Understanding Vaping Temperatures for Hemp Flower

There has been a lot of talk among avid weed vapers on which is the right temperature for vaping. When smoking marijuana, temperature plays an integral part in the type of hit you will get.

For starters, vaping at extreme temperatures will suck all of the flavor out of your hemp bud. If you are feeling lost, don’t worry because we will be discussing the various heat ranges. We will cover everything from the taste and aftereffects of each temperature category.

Let’s Set Some Things Straight

When it comes to vaping, not all vapes are built the same. The temperature settings on one weed vaporizer will vary from another. Different strains of hemp flower contain varying concentration levels of the active ingredients.

All of the factors mentioned earlier will come into play when vaping your hemp flower. If you are looking for a legit plug to sort you with quality hemp or CBD flower, be sure to check out Berkshirecbd.

Light Toast

You need to stick between 163°C to 177°C if you’re looking to get a light toast. Usually, this will produce a fresh and organic taste from your hemp. It will leave you with that high feeling as THC, the main ingredient, has a boiling point of around 157°C.

The vapor production will also be softer on your throat. Low-temperature vaping is the right way of enjoying almost all tastes from your weed without being harsh on your mouth and throat.


The next category is known as half-baked, which is what you get when you vape at temperatures of around 177-204°C. Legendary weed vapers describe it as the best of both worlds.

With this method, you will get a thicker vapor or rather smoke compared to that of the light toast. Additionally, you will still enjoy the organic compounds, but this time with a tinge of cannabinoids. The cannabinoids significantly improve the flavor of each hit.

The THC will also be more concentrated, which will leave you feeling relaxed and in a state of euphoria without making you feel drowsy.

Fully Baked

This can be described as the peak of weed vaping. Setting your vaporizer at temperatures of 204-221°C will get you to this stage.

Each hit will contain top levels of cannabinoids but won’t taste as good. The vapor will be hotter and the aftereffects will be much stronger compared to those of other categories.

In certain situations, a fully baked session will probably leave you feeling lethargic. The volatility of ingredients such as humulene can, in some cases, suppress your appetite.


The right vaping temperatures will vary depending on the type of marijuana concentrate you are consuming. Oils will most certainly require higher temperatures than dried buds to get you that feeling you’re looking for.

For beginners, it is advisable to start with the light toast. This will help you get accustomed to vaping while also letting you enjoy the organic flavors without coughing too much or burning your throat and mouth.