Want To Move to Tolleson? Here Are 4 Things You Can Do Here

Moving to a new city, let alone a new state, can be exciting. It can also be daunting and stressful as well. That said, researching the area you’re moving to is a great idea to help ease those nerves.

When it comes to relocating to Tolleson, Arizona, this is a move you won’t regret. Tolleson, as small as it is, has a lot to offer, including the following:

1. Check Out Monument Hill

Tolleson is tiny but mighty. In fact, there’s an important monument near Tolleson, AZ known as Monument Hill, and it’s a must for Tolleson residents and visitors to check out at least once in their lifetime.

East of Phoenix International Raceway is where you can come across Monument Hill. But what makes this spot so significant? Its history is rich. Monument Hill features a concrete X identifying the state of Arizona’s initial measurement following the United State’s win after the Mexican-American War.

2. Watch NASCAR Racing Events

The Phoenix International Raceway is perhaps one of the best parts about living in Tolleson. Throughout the year, the raceway holds racing events where you can enjoy true NASCAR entertainment.

The Phoenix International Raceway also holds concerts, features a bar & grill where you can enjoy a great meal, and even offers a race experience where you can get behind the wheel or even drive along with someone else. So much fun!

3. Visit a Spa

Tolleson isn’t just about history, racing, great views, and hiking. You can also enjoy some luxury. The Blue Sol Spa is one of the top places in Tolleson to get a quality massage, facial, or other form of pampering.

Going to the spa regularly in or near Tolleson is a great idea to feel refreshed after spending time in the Arizona heat. There’s nothing like having relaxed muscles after hiking and fresh, rejuvenated skin after sweating bullets.

4. Go Horseback Riding

Just when you thought that about sums up the activities you can do as a Tolleson, AZ resident, you come to find out that horseback riding is yet another thing to enjoy. Thanks to Corral West Horse Adventures in Goodyear, this is possible.

At Corral West, you can rent a horse for an hour or few and take them along a trail, whether you’re completely new to horseback riding or a pro. If you forgot your cowboy boots and hat at home, Corral West can gladly provide you some! As for those too little to ride horses, families can instead opt for a wagon ride as a safer alternative.

Does Tolleson sound like a great place for you to live? Start your search for great new homes in Tolleson, AZ now. The buying market is hot!


The population in Tolleson may be quite small. The truth is, this small town has a lot for residents to look forward to. Monument Hill, racing events, quality SPAs, and horse riding opportunities are some of the top things to do in Tolleson, AZ that you, too, will enjoy.