Wearing White After Labor Day: Old Fashioned Fashion Rules Women are Shattering to Pieces

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Fashion dos and don’ts have long been a staple of fashion magazines, setting arbitrary guidelines for dressing that stuck around in spite of ever-changing trends.

It’s 2017 and sticking to the old guard’s ideas of getting really limits outfit possibilities, leaving a gal with a rather boring look, if you ask us.

The modern woman shouldn’t be confined by any rules, many of which have been in place since before her grandmother came of age.

In the spirit of fashion independence, here are some fashion rules well worth breaking.

Boots are a Winter Thing Only

You’re missing out if you think boots belong squarely in the winter months. For one, nothing looks cooler and more effortless than a pair of ankle boots or Chelsea boots with a skirt or shorts. They elevate your summer outfits beyond the expected sandal or flip flop.

They’re great for the transitional months, too. A slightly taller boot can help warm up your spring or fall wardrobe—add some boot socks or BCS Boutique leg warmers to the mix to keep things cozy.

Wearing White (or Pastels) After Labor Day

It’s in the title, after all. The old no white after labor day rule is outdated and completely silly of you ask us. At this point, many fashion people have dismissed the September cut off on all things white as passé, and even its origin story feels arbitrary.

Ever heard of winter white? It’s about texture, not so much color. Sure, you’ll want to put away those linen pants and sundresses when it starts to feel a little frosty, but white jeans or a real decadent white sweater can keep you warm while decked out in your whitest whites.

No Visible Bra Straps

Beautiful bras are having a serious moment these days. With the colorful lacy undergarments—from dainty bralettes to fancy takes on the sports bra, there’s no reason they should always remain under wraps. Pair your favorite bralette with a sheer top or a tank with oversized armholes for some low-key sex appeal.

Never Wear Navy and Black Together

A long time rule of thumb passed down by our foremothers, the old navy clashes with black wisdom is simply false. Once you get over this one, you’ll open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Black tights with a navy dress is an easy way to up the style factor in an effortless way, as is wearing your navy slacks with a black top.

Letting Your Size Dictate Your Fashion Choices

Yeah, yeah, slender people get lost in dark colors, while larger people should cool it with the yellow floral get-up. Ugh—forget it!

Here’s the thing—well-fitted clothing looks good. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small person wearing an oversized pants silhouette or if you’re a full-figured gal who loves a good Breton stripe. Sure, a petite gal may get lost in the wrong maxi skirt, but a piece that fits correctly is sure to be a hit.

Or For That Matter, Your Shape

So often we’re told to dress for our shape—so-called pear shaped people are advised to wear A-line dresses, while athletic bodies are constantly told to create a “feminine” shape. If you feel good in something, wear it.

The best look for 2017? Confidence, hands down. Barring wearing an inappropriate outfit to work, weddings or funerals, we say, anything goes.