What Every Nursing Mother Needs- Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra

When looking after a nursing baby any bit of assistance is valued. There can be dishes piling up, clothes to wash, or any other form of work to be done, but when a baby wants feeding, all that has to come to a standstill till their fed. Some may not want to give up the breastfeeding experience and prefer to battle through, but desire some respite. One way to stop the headache of a howling hungry baby is by investing in a breastpump, and what better than a breastpump bra that leaves your hands free. Simple Wishes hands-free breastpump bra is a great choice and here’s 3 reasons why.

Impeccable Design

You see and hear of all these women who are fed up of sitting around waiting for bottles to be filled, either by a handheld pump that leaves their hands sore, or an electric pump that takes its precious little time. This breastpump bra gets the job done without consuming time. It has a tight seal of breast shields and flanges, from the four-way layer support system, which means no leakages and no wear and tear. The material is also machine washable, great for reuse, and means you get value for your money. It also conveniently works with all major brands, which means you don’t have to change the bottle you’ve purchased to use the pump.

Maximum Comfort

With going from being pregnant, to nursing a baby, your body is most certainly going to experience some vast changes. This breastpump offers a 10” adjustable velcro back panel that will offer you much comfort, as you are able to fit it perfectly through every stage of change that your body goes through. With the zip in centre located at the front of the bra, it also allows 1” of movement insuring that the pumps are properly positioned.


No longer are your hands tied down to machinery, this breastpump requires no excursion. Simply get on with whatever else you have to do. Simple Wishes makes it possible for you to do two things at once, get ready for a day’s work while you pump, or put your feet up and get engrossed in one of your favourite magazines while you pump, or do your make up to a ‘t’ for a night out while you pump. Multi-tasking is a mother’s job, and this breastpump frees you up a bit to do that task well.