What makes a penthouse so unique?

Source: Unsplash | Yucel Moran

Penthouses are the latest trend in the Dubai property market, and it is becoming a preferred housing option for most home seekers. The idea of penthouses became popular in the 1920s during a construction boom in New York. These are the uppermost floors of a high-rise building. They are different from the typical apartments in more than one ways like added luxury features.

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Here are the reasons why penthouses are unique:


Privacy is one of the biggest benefits of living in a penthouse. Since they are located on the uppermost floor, there is a pleasurable living environment with the highest privacy. Unlike traditional apartment setting where several units are placed on a single floor, penthouses occupy larger spaces. In fact some have private entrance to differentiate them from other accesses of the building.

Exclusive features

In most cases, the living space in a penthouse is well planned with high quality fitting and fixtures. For example, they have glass walls, lavish flooring, uninterrupted scenic views of the skyline, etc. Residents also have access to amenities such as gymnasium, swimming pools, Jacuzzi and others.

Spacious terrace

The spacious terrace is one of the reasons why penthouses are becoming popular in Dubai. Nowadays, penthouses are featuring sufficient outdoor area with plenty of space to entertain guest. However, some developers compromise the living space to accommodate the large terrace. Nevertheless, it is a fair compromise due to the undeniable status symbol associated with penthouses.


Another most alluring feature of owning a penthouse is access to necessary facilities such as banks and grocery stores. Most penthouses are located in urban areas or in high-end developments like Downtown Dubai.

Quiet and peaceful

As mentioned earlier, penthouses are located on the topmost floors of high-rise buildings. As a result, residents are away from the traffic and loud city noises. In addition, since its located on the top floor, you will not be disturbed by neighbours or their guests.

Sufficient natural light

Usually, penthouses come with unobstructed views which provide plenty of natural light. This does not only bring brightness to the unit, but it also lowers lighting bills.