What to Write in Wedding Thank You Cards: A Guide

Your wedding is over, so it’s time for the final task: the wedding thank you cards. Learn how to make your thank you cards amazing with our guide.

Wedding thank you cards are a must but they can be time-consuming. Besides for being time-consuming, you may be at a loss for what to say in your thank you cards.

How much is too little? And how do you put your feelings into words? Unless you’re a professional writer, it can be difficult to get the words you want to say to someone on paper.

Simple Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Cards

Whether you’ve made free thank you cards or you’ve bought expensive thank you cards from a fancy design company, it’s what’s inside that really matters.

These tips will help make sure your thank you cards show just how grateful you really are.

Know Who Gets One

Before you start mailing out thank you cards, make sure you know who gets them.

The general rule is anyone that gave you a gift or did some sort of service for you should get a thank you card. While the obvious people such as your parents, the officiate and wedding party likely have a place on your list already — you might even send thank you cards to vendors that made your event extra special.

When Should You Send Them?

You’ve just got back from your honeymoon and the last thing you feel like doing is tying yourself to a desk and sending thank you notes. How long do you have before it’s too late to send your thank you cards?

The sooner you can send the thank you cards, the better. A rule of thumb is to send the thank you cards right away or anywhere up to one month after your honeymoon assuming you went on a honeymoon right after your wedding.

Keep It Simple & Sweet

When you’re writing your thank you cards for your wedding, don’t overcomplicate it. The people getting these cards know you and they know you’ve just got married and have your mind on other things.

Here are some things you do need to keep in mind though.

Every thank you card should be signed with both of your names. You can pre-print this signature if you want to save time and keep from hurting your wrist.

Use a good pen. Even if your invitations are nice if you’re using a cheap pen, it makes a difference and not in a good way.

You probably don’t want to do all of your writing in one sitting so make sure that you plan out time to get these done.

Add in small things that you remember about each person to make it even nicer.

You might say something like:

“We remember the times we went out on double dates — it was always so fun. We look forward to more.”

These personalizations make the card very special.

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