What’s in Season in January? Your Winter Baby Food Guide

Making baby food for yourself means learning what’s in season, every season. When winter comes in the northern hemisphere, that usually means less available fresh fruits, but it also means there are a variety of great flavors that you will find harder to locate in the warm months. Here’s your guide to understanding how to make the most of your January seasonal vegetables and your baby food processor.

Beets, Squash, Taters, It’s Tuber Season

The biggest stars of the winter produce aisle are all vegetables that come from the ground, and while there are some differences to the cooking times and seasoning you will use, they all have similar challenges, too. Whether you’re looking for something sweet and earthy like acorn squash or you’re in the mood for old-fashioned potato dishes, you will find they cook up best when they are heated for a long time, allowing them to soften, and they can be baked or steamed to taste.

Kale and Cabbage: Your Winter Greens

If you are looking to stay in season with your leafy greens, know that kale and cabbage make up the bulk of what’s available in the winter. You can prepare them in a variety of ways:

  • Steam them like spinach and puree for baby food
  • Boiled cabbage makes a great soup base
  • Baked kale chips for a crunch grownups and older kids will love
  • Fresh, crisp, and just out of the wash for salad

Leafy greens are some of the most important foods in any diet because they are rich in so many essential nutrients, and kale is so rich in these nutrients it is considered a superfood.

Finding the Best Baby Feeding Supplies

If you’re looking for ways to make these great winter vegetables into tasty baby food that is suitable for any child over 6 months, you need a great food processor that steam cooks, so you don’t lose nutrients or flavor. That’s why BÉABA made the Babycook®. Contact them today for more information about models and accessories, recipes, and more.