Who’s at Fault if You Slip and Fall While Intoxicated?

A slip and fall accident can happen at any time, but it is harder to assign fault when alcohol and substances are involved. Understanding the importance and incidence of intoxicated slip and fall events is crucial for prevention and accountability. 

If you have been involved in such an accident while inebriated, you must understand the ramifications and who may be responsible. Here, we will discuss how a wyoming personal injury lawyer helps determine who is at fault in intoxicated slip and fall accidents.

Premises Liability

In a Wyoming slip and fall case, premises liability rules cover liability for accidents on public and private property. Property owners and tenants are legally required to provide reasonably safe environments for guests. However, a person’s inebriation may affect the allocation of blame between them and the owner.

The Comparative Negligence Doctrine

When determining fault in a personal injury claim, Wyoming follows the comparative negligence doctrine. Here, a plaintiff can recover damages from any party more negligent than themselves. 

In comparative negligence cases, blame is assigned based on degrees of carelessness. If an intoxicated person causes his or her injuries, their level of impairment may affect fault allocation. In simple terms, if you are intoxicated and are injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be held partially responsible for your losses.

The Property Owner’s Duty of Care

While a drunk person has some responsibility for their actions, property owners and tenants must keep their premises reasonably safe. The duty of care applies to every visitor, regardless of impairment. Property owners may be held responsible if wet flooring, a poorly maintained walkway, or another circumstance leads to a slip and fall event.

The Severity of an Injury

Slip and fall events may result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and wrongful death. Because of longer reaction times, poor balance, and diminished coordination, inebriation may increase the risk of accidents. The severity of an injury, therefore, may affect the allocation of fault and any legal consequences that come afterward.

Mental Health Considerations

Slip and fall events, particularly those leading to life-altering injuries, come with lasting consequences for an intoxicated person and their family. When assessing fault for an injury, it is crucial to consider the anxiety, emotional stress, and decreased quality of life that may occur following the event. Therefore, a personal injury lawyer will recommend that clients protect their well-being by seeking prompt medical assistance.

Determining fault in an intoxicated slip and fall accident requires an assessment of multiple elements, including the level of impairment, the condition of the property, and the severity of the injury. While intoxicated people bear some responsibility, property owners must maintain the safety of their premises. All these factors, when combined, determine the effects of a slip and fall accident.

Have You Been Hurt While Intoxicated? Hire a Wyoming Injury Attorney

While every party to a slip and fall claim requires legal counsel, the victim’s needs are the most significant as they have the burden of proof. If you have been hurt while intoxicated, an experienced Wyoming injury attorney can provide sound advice and reliable legal representation. Whether you want to settle early or have your day in court, slip and fall lawyers will offer guidance at every step.