Why a Botox Party Is out of the Question

Botox is an incredibly popular procedure. If done properly, it is safe and very effective, as well as being affordable. Because of its popularity, a lot of people have trained in the administration of Botox and now administer it during so-called “Botox parties”. If you want Botox in San Jose, however, you need to avoid those parties at all cost. The little bit of extra money you have to pay to have the treatment done in a controlled environment is definitely worth it. Let’s take a look at the five main reasons why you should never attend one of those parties.

  1. Because Medical Procedures and Alcohol Do not Mix

When you go to a Botox party, you are guaranteed to see the alcohol flowing. In fact, it is quite common for those administering the treatment to bring a couple of bottles of bubbly with them as well. When you consume alcohol, the blood is thinned. This can cause the Botox to travel to areas where it shouldn’t go, leading to undesirable effects.

  1. Because You Will Be Pressured into Doing it

A lot of people think they want to have Botox, visit a clinic for consultation, and decide it is not for them anyway. If you are at a Botox party, however, you will have to face a lot of peer pressure of people, under the influence of alcohol, who will tell you to “just do it”. As such, you relinquish control to a degree.

  1. Because You Are not in a Medical Environment

As much as you may have cleaned your house before a Botox party, it is not a sanitary environment. Furthermore, the person who has to bring the Botox will have had to travel with it, which means that you don’t know whether it is still at the right temperature. Lastly, should someone experience an allergic reaction, there will be nothing you can do.

  1. Because You Don’t Get a Full Consultation

Consultations are important and should always be offered before Botox. This is a chance to find out what the treatment is, whether it is right for you, and whether you have to take some precautions before you have it. With Botox parties, you don’t have this opportunity. While you can often have treatment straight after your consultation if you want to in a clinic, this does not mean that time period in which details are discussed isn’t important.

  1. Because You Will Probably not Sign any Consent and Liability Forms

Nobody wants to sign legal forms when the music is playing, the alcohol is flowing, and everybody is having fun. In fact, under those circumstances, you can’t sign a legal form and have it be classed as valid. This means that you have, effectively, not given consent for the procedure, and that the administrator will not be liable should something go wrong. Do you really want to take that risk?

Botox is incredibly safe when administered by a licensed professional in a medical environment. That is worth paying a few extra dollars for!