Why Is Everyone Riding Scooters These Days?

Have you noticed that more people in your city are riding scooters? That is in part because cities are starting to invest in something called shared micromobility, which led to 84 million “micromobile” trips in 2018, alone.

The concept is simple. Cities grant companies permission to introduce things like bikes, mopeds, and scooters to the streets. For a fee, riders can access these modes of transportation to get where they need to go.

Still, you might be wondering why scooters, in particular, are gaining popularity. 

Read on to find out: why is everyone riding scooters?

Cars Aren’t Always Ideal for Modern City Living

The cost of living in every city in America is on the rise, making it harder to cover what we used to consider basic expenses. Cities are also becoming more densely populated, which makes things like parking space limited and difficult to access. Many rental companies and businesses are charging an arm and a leg for parking.

As a result, a lot of residents are looking for ways to ditch their car–or use it less. Scooters, unlike cars, don’t take up a ton of space. They provide increased mobility without the additional cost of parking and you can even store them inside your home or apartment. 

Not Everyone Wants to Rely on Public Transportation

Okay, so people aren’t driving as much in the city. What about public transportation?

Some cities provide good public transportation options including buses, subways, and trains. However, some cities have limited public transportation or unstable hours, making it difficult for residents to rely on those options. Plus, not everyone wants to jump on a bus to make a short trip–but they might also want to avoid walking everywhere.

Scooters are easy modes of transportation to access and master. Unlike riding a bike or a moped, scooters don’t come with much of a learning curve. Plus, they can help you get where you need to go faster than on foot, which makes them ideal for short trips and commutes. 

Is Buying Scooters a Better Plan Than Renting?

If you want to start riding scooters, yourself, you’re probably considering your options. Should you take advantage of your own city’s shared micromobility plan? Or should you buy a scooter of your own?

When you look for a scooter for hire, you should be prepared for fees that add up quickly. Most rental scooters start with a low baseline price per rental but you may not realize that you’ll also get charged per minute, as well. Even if the rate is only 25 cents a minute, that is going to add up quickly.

RiiRoo Scooters offer all the same perks but without the fees. Invest in a scooter of your own and enjoy riding scooters everywhere you need to go!

Get Mobile by Riding Scooters

Are you looking for a way to increase your mobility without relying on a car or public transportation? So is everyone else who has taken to riding scooters! Get a scooter of your own and join in the fun and freedom.

Scooters aren’t just for transportation. Toy scooters are also tons of low-risk fun for kids! Take a look around for more tips and buying guides for your kids.