5 Bedroom Rules Busy Parents Should Follow

Marriages evolve over the years as loving couples share the joys of parenting. You raise kids, run the family with financial contributions, and build a future together. Amid all the challenges, it gets easy to lose intimacy in your relationship. The physical attraction wanes, and the emotional intimacy fades away as you don’t invest time in your marriage. It is the worst mistake that a couple can make because a strong marriage makes a happy family. Fortunately, following some bedroom rules can help the busiest parents bring their relationship on track. Here are the ones you should follow.

Recognize the importance of physical intimacy

Even before you start working on intimacy, you must recognize how important it is. Physical attraction is the mainstay of a healthy marriage, and couples must go the extra mile to retain it. Make a conscious effort to touch your partner inside and outside the bedroom. It could be a hug, kiss, or holding hands when you are with the kids. But get steamier when you are alone and touch each other more sensuously.

Never let kids share your bed

Letting your toddler sleep with you may be convenient, but it can hamper your relationship in the long haul. As a rule, parents shouldn’t let kids share their beds unless there is a valid reason. Your personal space should be your zone as a couple, where you can touch and feel without inhibitions. Surely, you cannot do it with a child sleeping with you! Cultivate the habit of sleeping separately right from a young age.

Express your desires

Busy parents often let their desires take a backseat, which you shouldn’t, specifically in bed. Let your partner know your fantasies because they will turn them on. You could ask them to try a real WHIZZINATOR xxx, experiment with different positions, or indulge in role-playing. A little variety can bring the fire back and make the private moments more exciting than ever. A loving partner should be excited to try new stuff with you, even if it’s out of their comfort zone. If you take things slow, you can discover new things together. For example, you could start with a small strapon, if this is something you want to try, and work your way up to bigger sizes the more confident you both get. Just be vocal and get going.

Invest in self-care

It is easy to ignore your appearance when busy juggling home, work, and parenting responsibilities. You may end up gaining weight, and the extra pounds can make you body-conscious. Investing in self-care doesn’t sound like a bedroom rule, but it can make a difference to intimacy. Make efforts to look good, and you will feel more desirable once again. Joining a fitness class together is a good idea as it gets you closer outside and inside the bedroom.

Be a couple, not parents

When you are in your personal space, behave like a couple, not parents. Reserve the private moments for each other rather than discuss trivial issues. Explore each other physically, have sensuous conversations, and stop at nothing. Once you are in the zone, your partner should be the only focus. You can be parents throughout the day, but let the nights belong to each other.

These simple bedroom rules can restore intimacy in your marriage. Invest time together, no matter how busy life is. You will be a stronger couple and better parents.