Workout Tips for Moms Stuck at Home

It’s tough being stuck at home with the kids. Your time isn’t your own anymore, and you barely have time for a shower, let alone a workout. So here are a few tips to help you squeeze a workout in at home.

Short, But Effective

You don’t need to find time to workout for a whole hour. Just grab 10 minutes here and there. Make the time count by doing a targeted workout, and working on one area of your body, instead of all over. For example, if you want to tone up your legs, try doing some quick inner thigh exercises like these ones from the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app.

Go for a Walk

The kids need exercise too, so go for a walk with them. It doesn’t have to be far, but even walking around the block will get you all moving and out of the house.

Distract the Kids

Persuade the kids to play in the garden, and get your workout in at the same time. You should get at least 15-20 minutes to yourself, so make the most of it and complete your workout for the day.

Play with the Kids

Playing games with your kids can be great exercise, and can really get your heart pumping. Run around the garden with them, get on their trampoline, or put some music on and dance around with them. This won’t only be good for you, but your kids will benefit too.

Involve Your Kids

Set a time each day to do some exercises with your kids. Make them fun so your kids will want to join in, and get your workout done at the same time. Star jumps are always popular with the kids. Think of a silly phrase to shout out when you’re all jumping. Squats are another great idea for kids. See who can squat down the lowest, or who can do the most in a minute.

Mini Workouts

Fit in a mini workout whenever you can, even when you’re doing chores. Keep a stool in the kitchen when cooking dinner, and do some step-ups whilst you’re waiting for the food to be ready. When picking your kids toys up to put them away, crawl along the floor on your stomach, as this will be great for your abs. If you have a young kid, lie on your back and lift them up for an airplane ride. Fun for them and a great workout for you.

Those are just some of the ways you can still enjoy a workout whilst taking care of the kids. What workout tips do you have, and what do you find helps you maintain your fitness whilst at home?